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Group Name: BigFlo
Debuted: June 19th, 2014
Latest Comeback: September 30th, 2015
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Members: (4)
Name: Jung Jung Kyun
Stage Name: Jungkyun
Born: 1987
Position: Leader, Vocalist
He is currently doing his military services.
Name: Cheon Byung Hwa
Stage Name: Ron
Born: 1991
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Name: Jung Yu Seong
Stage Name: Yuseong
Born: 1992
Position: Vocalist
Name: Hyun Tae
Stage Name: High Top
Born: 1994
Position: Maknae, Rapper

Former Members:

Name: Hwang Ki Chun
Stage Name: Kichun
Born: 1992
Position: Vocalist
Name: Jung Ji Wook
Stage Name: Z-UK
Born: 1993
Position: Rapper
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