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Happy Birthday to 2PM's main rapper Taecyeon (Oh Taec Yeon). He turns 28 today.
As most of you know, Taecyeon is my UB. He is not only a rapper, but a singer, songwriter, actor, and business owner.
He is the creator of OK Cat, (and yes, I have a stuffed one).
He is the cutest cinnamon bun, and can be the biggest dork, but that's why he's my UB.
In a moments notice, he can become...um....hot.....
I'd recommend Let's Fight Ghost if you haven't watched it yet. He does a great job! Currently, Taecyeon is in the web drama 7 First Kisses.
Happy Birthday Taeyceon!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I know it's getting closer to your date of enlistment (along with Jun K.), and I will be sad to see you leave, knowing it will be almost 2 yrs of service. I understand why you decided to do it though, and I commend you for it.
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Happy Birthday to Taec !! ♡♡