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The Christmas party still keeps on living!
Have you missed me killing the KpopINT staff? It's okay, you can still join the party!
And now, it's time to eliminate the next one on Sailynn's naughty list!
She lived with dancing in her life, she breathed dancing to this day, moving her feet was all she could ever think about during the workday. Many dance offs with Sailynn later had won her dominance over basement studio, but even when they practiced, she couldn't help but push her eonni with dancing ammo. Heave thy warning fair child, if you team up with Nana, your dancing will only be vile.
“Let's divide the teams before I tell you what you're searching for,” Sailynn announced. “Since Nana isn't playing, Hobi, you'll stick with Jin and Kookie and be a three man squad. Taemi and Yoongi will team up. Jooni, please go with Sky. Jimin, your partner will be your biggest fan, Elayne. And since it'd be a shame to separate the lovely married couple, V, you take your wife on this one, okay?”
“Am I not gonna play too?” Jojo whined playfully.
“Nope, because if I team you up with Jin, you'll kidnap him and go eat somewhere without the rest of us.”
Jojo giggled. “I would never!”
Sailynn rolled her eyes. “And I'm the queen of France. Okie dokie, are you guys ready for what you have to find? The punishment will be ultimate humiliation for the girls, Sailynn style, and the guys will have to pull aegyo on the street corner since we're not too faraway from Hollywood Blvd.”
All eyes narrowed down on Sailynn, hungry to find out what their task was.
“Are we finding a panda?” Sky asked.
Sailynn stared at her, “yes....”
Shey jumped up. “EVERYONE! TO SAIL'S OFFICE!”
“Yaah! Sit down child! For that, you're getting penalized and sent straight to the abandoned room on the third floor!” Sailynn growled.
Shey sat down immediately, “I'll be good eonni.”
“Kay. Yes, you guys are to find one of my mini panda plushies. No- it's not in my office. If I don't let you guys enter those quarters on a regular day, why would I let you do it today?”
“Because you love us,” Elayne smiled.
“I hold no love for any of you today. Sorry, try again tomorrow.”
“Savage,” Jojo coughed.
Sailynn flickered her eyes up at Jojo and stuck her tongue out. “The girls will know which one it is when they see it, but for the trio that are at a disadvantage- and no Jojo, you can't join them- it's a little plushie panda with a green scarf.”
“Oh, the one Seungho oppa gave you?” Taemi asked.
“No, Seungho gave me one with a bamboo stick attached to it,” Sailynn explained.
“I thought Jun.K oppa gave you that one,” Elayne said scratching her head.
“No, that was the one Jun.K sunbae was trying to buy from me because he was missing it in his collection.”
“Jun.K gave you something and you didn't tell me?” Jojo hissed.
“He didn't give me anything, just a headache and maybe an irregular heartbeat.”
“Yaah!” Jojo shouted. “I'm calling Tao right now and telling him!”
“You can't! Tao's phone got lost when he was filming on set!”
“How the hell do you know this!?”
“Because he skyped m-” Sailynn fell silent, noticing the too mischievous of a grin on Jojo's face.
“So! Loverlys! If you don't win, your punishment will be brutal, mind you, I will be making you follow through with the punishment. What will it be exactly? Well, just know that there's a reason why Sailynn is afraid of-”
“Yaah! Don't mention that name. Legend has it that if you say it three times in front of a mirror with, he'll show up and devour your soul!” Sailynn answered, covering her eyes.
“Okay okay, you guys have 30 minutes starting now!”
Everyone jumped up and ran out the door. V grabbed onto Shey's wrist and lead the way out of the room, disappearing up the stairwell whereas Jin and Jungkook listened to J-Hope go on and on about how his jokes had improved over night so much that he could take on ARMY sasaengs now that he killed a fangirl. Sky followed Namjoon closely while he went over a plan with her, her head lowered in fear of looking up and meeting her death face to face. Jimin pulled Elayne down the stairs, his bright smile keeping her in a trance that only made her feet move in obedience no matter how much her brain yelled at the motor skills to work accordingly.
“Let's check the first floor!” Jimin smiled.
“Oppa, there's nothing in the first floor. Sail eonni wouldn't hide anything there.” Elayne answered, struggling to keep herself from falling over when Jimin kept turning around to smile at her.
“Then where would she hide it?”
Elayne looked around, listening closely to the voices in the stair well before pointing down the stairs. “I saw eonni leave the basement early this morning. Maybe she hid something in the studio.”
Jimin smiled and motioned for her to lead the way. They climbed down the stairs quietly. The entire time, Elayne could clearly hear Jimin's soft breathing, the very sound made her heart pound loudly in her ear drums, making her paranoid of whether or not he could hear it too.
“Why are the lights turned off?” Elayne asked herself quietly.
“What?” Jimin asked loudly, making Elayne jump with the sudden echo.
The lights flickered on, she turned around and jumped again, not realizing how close Jimin had gotten to her.
“Sorry, I thought you were further ahead,” he chuckled playfully, his hand reaching to grab Elayne's elbow. “Let's walk together okay? I don't want something popping out and scaring you.”
Elayne's face flushed bright red. “O-ohh. There's n-nothing down here.” Then it hit her. They were alone, in the basement. A place that non of the girls except for Sailynn and Jojo would dare to enter because it was pretty creepy in itself.
“Oh really? Then maybe they won't suspect the panda to be down here and we'll be able to find it,” Jimin grinned. “We'll be able to search by ourselves.”
Jimin moved his hand down to wrap his fingers around Elayne's wrist and pulled her towards the studio at the end of the hallway. The one Elayne knew all too well after spending so much time practicing early mornings and late nights with Sailynn.
“Are these all dance studios?” Jimin turned and asked Elayne.
“No, the ones at the end are dance studios, the rest are storage rooms for Sailynn and Jojo eonni. Sometimes the CEO heads down here to prep her stuff, or the executives will hold meetings down here. But mostly Sailynn and I head down here.”
“To practice new routines.”
His eyes began to smile. “You dance?”
“Show me!” He pulled her into the studio, turning on the lights as he ran inside. “Whoa! This is a nice studio! Reminds me of our old studio but a lot...”
“Girlier?” Elayne filled in his answer.
“No no, maybe cleaner. Or maybe it's the lighting. I don't know, I'll tell you when I figure it out. In the mean time, let's dance to something! What do you know?”
Elayne stiffed up. “Um. We should look for that panda.”
“Nonsense” Jimin chuckled. “We have time! Come on! Maybe I'll learn something!”
She giggled nervously. “No, you're too good of a dancer to learn anything from me.”
Jimin slid over to Elayne, taking her hand in his, “then let's try something new, something like ballroom dancing.”
The color in her face melted immediately, she had nowhere to run, no one to save her, and nothing but Jimin's arms to support her weight in case she collapsed. Was this the end? Being so close to her bias that she could literally smell the expensive cologne that he wore around his collar?
“Have your eyes always been this blue? I feel like I'm looking into the ocean.” He smiled, a tint of color swarming his cheeks.
Elayne's breathing hitched.
“Your movement is really smooth. How long have you been dancing?”
Her lips parted to answer but no sound came out. Jimin continued to spin her around and around to a silent room, his smile beaming brighter than the lighting in the room. Like an imaginary build up, Jimin grabbed her hand and twirled her around, catching her with his other hand and dipping her into the ground.
“Maybe I can talk to my choreographer to create a routine using partners, then you can come practice with us from time to time.”
Elayne gasped. Did her ultimate bias literally say what she thought he said? Maybe she was just hearing things, but then again, it was so silent they could almost hear the others laughing and joking on the floors above.
He continued to hold onto her, their eyes sealed like a key and a lock fitting perfectly. Maybe this was it. Maybe, this was a sign- singling her out, scooping into her into his arms, and twirling her around like she was the only one in his eyes. Maybe Sailynn did this for a reason, she'd have to thank her later.
Elayne closed her eyes, giving in into the signs and slowly puckered her lips, curling her toes to prepare for the best kiss she had always dreamed of. This was it. This was totally it.
“Uh, excuse me Elayne? Are you okay? What are you doing?”
Elayne tore her eyes open and stared at Jimin with her eyes bulging out of their sockets. “Um um, uh.”
Jimin stood her up and let her go. “Come on, let's go look for that panda, okay?”
She watched him walk out of the room, her face burning redder than the pigment in her pale skin could allow it. Yeah, it wasn't it. There was no sign there. She just ruined the situation and now has to deal with the awkwardness all day. Goodness. Why couldn't she die right there right then?
Nana was lucky.
Yeah, I'm not sorry either.
2 down.
3 More to go.
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