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That's right NCT 127 is coming back on January 6th with 'Limitless' and with an additional 2 members. Of course the 7 from before are still the same (WinWin, Yuta, Jaehyun, Taeil, Taeyong, Mark, and Haechan.) Who are the 2 new members you ask? One of them is Doyoung (from NCT U) and the other drum-roll please...is Johnny! It's time guys, he's finally out of the basement! Now we need Hansol and Kun outta there soon as well!
SM has released one group teaser (above) and individual member teasers (below), so we can expect more member teasers soon!!
God, it's going to be so lit! (Haechan through Yuta)
(Taeil through Johnny)
I'm so excited! Anybody else?
If you'd like to be tagged (or untagged) in my NCT card's just let me know!
tag me please 😊 what NCT group is ten part of?
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Welcome! 😊
Let's all take a moment to just appreciate Johnny! He is finally out of the darkness that is SM's training rooms and will grace the stage with NCT127. I am ready for my heart to be taken! Lol I'm happy that Doyoung will be in the group too! He is a cutie pie. I want another NCT U comeback because I miss TEN to death. And Hansol and Kun need to debut too!
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I forgot the rules of this group. NCT 127 is the popular group out of the three , even though I liked NCT U's song better , I have to admit I keep finding myself sing Firetruck over and over. Since Johnny is a member people have been talking about the most it makes sense to put him in NCT 127. I just want more groups so I can see more of the trainees SM has been hiding. The company said only NCT unit groups will be debuting next year.
I've been waiting for Johnny to get out of the dungeon. I screeched when I saw the teasers
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Me too! I had to like pause the video because at first I saw WINWIN and I was like wow I must be going crazy because I thought he was Johnny BUT NO JOHNNY WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.