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"We are Cross Gene from Asia!" -

Hello lovelies, I will be on the road today for about 9 hours, so I wanted to go ahead and make the announcement of the winner. It's true that the Community only had one entry, but it was a great one filled with Holiday fluff and feels; so it's a winning entry regardless.

Congrats to my Sweetums & Support @StefaniTre for the entry.

Did you miss it? That's okay, you can check it out :here: 'Trapped at A Airport'

She chose a One-shot & Spam of Casper. So I will begin working on that for you. I will try to have it done by the weekend.

{The Spam will be completed Sometime within the few days}

So again, Congrats Bebe!! We at the Mod Squad & Cross Gene love you and thank you for your never-ending support ♡ @StefaniTre

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Congrats! 😄
Thank you
love you too