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"Welcome to Seoul, Please enjoy your stay here." Was heard over the speakers. They walked over to get their bags and then headed out to the taxis. "I wonder if she knows we are here." "She knew we were coming but didn't know when." "Ha this will be a shock, I wonder how she's doing on her own." The two headed to a hotel to stay the night. The next day they would go find (y/n). ..... ... ... . . . . . . . . .... ... .. "Yoongi wake up!" I said poking his face. he didn't move. "Oh come on...we have a busy day today." "No." He finally said "Well then. I'll just go spend time with know maybe I'll just start dating him." I smirked knowing he didn't like that idea. He grabbed me and held onto me. "You are not allowed to leave me ever. I'm glad Pdnim is ok with this." He kissed my head with his eyes still closed. "Me too." I smiled "Alright stop it you butt we have to get going." I pulled myself away from him and left the room. "So mean." I heard Yoongi say as I left the room. I giggled and went to the kitchen. "Alright guys let's get ready to run out the door when Yoongi gets down here." I said to the guys that were in the kitchen or near it. "Ok." They all said and started getting their shoes on. After a few minutes Yoongi strolled out of our room and everyone walked out the door and he followed. The day went by fast before we knew it, it was time for lunch and we went to a cute restaurant. We were talking and enjoying the food. "(y/n)" I turned to the voice. "Why aren't you at work?" I didn't know they would be here this soon. I didn't have time to talk to Yoongi yet. "Mom, Dad when did you get here? I thought you were on vacation on Jeju Island?" I said getting up and going to hug them. "We decided to cut that short and come see you sooner." My mom said hugging me. "So why aren't you at work?" my dad said. "This is my job. I got rehired." "When?" He asked "A few weeks ago." "Well, it would have been nice to know that before we went to your old work." "I'm sorry daddy." I pouted a bit and he instantly caved and laughed and hugged me. "Your an adult and still call me daddy Cuz you know I can't be mad at you huh?" "Yup." I smiled and hugged him. "(y/n)" I already forgot the guys were here as well. I turned around. "Oh guys this is my parents." There was a round of hellos and introductions. "So which one is dating my daughter?" my dad asked and all the guys pointed to Yoongi. "That's me sir." Yoongi was being too cute. "You better not get her pregnant. She doesn't need a child right now....and I bet you don't either." "Dad!" "I agree sir, no pregnancy till she is ready. " "Good." For the next half hour we all talked and ate. Jin was a sweetie and told my parents to come over for dinner. They happily agreed and we ended up going our seperate ways. We finished the day jobs and headed back home. I ran around the apartment and started cleaning. "Chill (y/n) it's fine." Jimin said "No its so dirty!" I didn't think my parents needed to see the mess we left the other night. "Do your parents care that you share a room with Yoongi?" Namjoon asked and I froze. "They dont?" Jhope asked "Yoongi!" I yelled and ran to find him. I heard laughter behind me. I found Yoongi laying on our bed. "You can't be in here." I said quickly. "What do you mean?" "My parents would not like it that we share a room let alone a bed together. " "(y/n) they won't be staying the night, I'll stay out of the room until they leave. If they ask why my stuff is here, say it's because this was my room and I haven't taken all my stuff out of it yet." "Seriosuly?" I said realizing he was right "Yeah." He rolled over to face me. "Why don't you come lay down with me for a bit." He patted the spot next to him. "No.They will be here any minute." I turned to leave the room. "Why didn't you tell me about your parents visiting?" He asked freezing me in my spot. "I was going to today but they showed up unexpectedly. " I glanced at him. "Ok. You didn't think I'd run if I had to meet your parents yet did you?" "I didn't know how you would react at all." "(y/n) your parents are here!" Tae yelled out and I quickly left the room.
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Don't be mad, but I completely forgot about this story!!! I need to restart from the beginning
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