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Hello! This is the 4th installment of my KPOP fanfic! Thank you for continuing to read this. I hope it's entertaining and that it continues to peak your interest. This story has evolved more than I thought it would, but I'm trying to keep up with posting as often as possible. I'm getting it written. I was hoping to have it finished but difficulties arose. Anyway, enjoy!
The next day I went into work, feeling refreshed, my new phone in my pocket, my lesson plans in my bag, and a bounce in my step. ‘I met GD, I met GD, I met GD’ I kept repeating like a mantra; and, besides the fact that it was a terrible picture, it was still awesome and I’d made sure to save it in several locations just in case something happened to my phone.
I didn’t know if I should text him or not, but I really wanted to text something like “Good Morning” or “Work hard” or “Good job!” or something cute, but I didn’t want to be annoying, after all, he was a very busy person.
“You look like something good happened,” Ken’s voice said from the doorway of our classroom.
“What? No, nothing spectacular,” I brushed it off.
If they knew me better, I think Ken would have pushed the issue, but since he didn’t he just let it go and I managed to escape a terrifying moment of proving just how bad at taking selfies I was, especially with GD, who always looked amazing.
As I set up my desk, my coffee resting on the left side of my desk table, I thought about how things were going. They were all brilliant (I knew that), and due to their exposure to English so much, they were picking it up really fast. Soon, they would be at least at Novice mid to high on the ACTFL scale. Considering this was my first job teaching English to non-English speakers, I was quite proud of my work.
It had been three weeks since I started working, and although my heart still beat loudly and I still felt that hand clamping itself around my heart as I watched all of the men I loved paying sole attention to me and then getting to be closer afterward, I was getting more used to it. GD had sent a few text messages, but he was usually too busy for a full conversation. Still, it made me feel very special and I was dying from being unable to tell anyone.
Since I still had a few minutes to spare, I pulled out a letter I had received and opened it. I’d been too tired to open it last night. In the middle of reading it, a wand waved itself in front of me. I looked up and momentarily was blinded by Ken’s adorable grin, “A letter from a boyfriend?”
I laughed, “No. I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s from my sister. See? She sent me a picture of her and her family,” I showed them the medium sized photograph with my sister and her husband and their three kids, two girls and a boy.
“It’s not in English,” Hakyeon glanced at the letter.
“No, it’s in Spanish.”
“How many languages do you speak?” Ravi asked.
“I speak four languages right now. I speak English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. My sister speaks three languages as well.”
“Wow. Where does she live?” Hongbin inquired.
“She and her family live in Qatar.”
“Really? That’s amazing,” Hyuk exclaimed.
“What about your parents?” Hakyeon asked.
“They are fluent in two languages, English and Spanish. They still live in the United States, and they have a permanent house, but they travel a lot for their job.”
“So then why did you want to learn Japanese and Korean?”
“Well I grew up with Japanese anime, which was the basis of my interest, but as an adult I grew to like the culture as well.”
“And Korean?” Leo suddenly asked.
I blushed, “Uh, just, you know…another useful language to learn. But it’s time for lessons now.”
“Whoa wait, you blushed.”
“I did no such thing,” I denied.
“Yes you did. You’re embarrassed to tell us why you wanted to learn Korean,” Ken smirked.
“You are acting suspicious, and trust us, we’ve been around Leo long enough, we can see it in other people,” Hakyeon insisted.
“We really should start—“
“We won’t be starting until you tell us,” Hyuk towered over me.
I pouted for a few minutes, then realized that it would have come up sooner or later and sighed, giving in. “I…might have wanted to learn Korean…because I wanted to be able to speak to…you guys.”
“You’re like, my favorite KPOP group of all time and I’m in your fanclub as a member,” I pulled out my Starlight fanclub membership card, blushing non-stop. “And I really wanted to be able to talk to you so we understood each other when we met, but I never imagined I’d get to teach you English.”
“You thought you’d meet us maybe at the most, at a fan meeting?”
“Yes. And then this job opened up and I was like, so excited when I got picked.”
“So are we everything you dreamed?” Leo said quietly.
I grinned brightly, “Everything and more. You are all just so amazing and talented and funny and…if I go on I’ll never live it down,” I turned away, facing the board.
“So who’s your favorite?” I turned around to face them again, having controlled my blushing for now.
“Yes, who’s your bias?” Hakyeon gave one of his sexy smiles and I felt like melting into a puddle of goo, while simultaneously punching him for his arrogant sexiness.
“I don’t think it would be fair—“
“Pleeeeaaaseeeee,” Ken pouted.
“Why did you become interested in our group?” Ravi asked.
“Well…you see…my first music video of yours was Voodoo Doll.”
“And I liked the music, and the music video didn’t bother me but…there was one part which made me fall in love with your group and with one particular person in VIXX.”
They waited impatiently for me to continue. I took a deep breath and while not looking at Ken, finally admitted, “When Ken hit his high note at the end I completely fell in love and had to know everything about your group and you quickly became my favorite group of all time. There, now can you—“
“You love me?” Ken asked.
“I love all of you, you are…were my ultimate bias in VIXX and in all other groups. But I love all of you, you all are at the top of my bias list.”
“Wait, why Ken?” Hyuk asked.
“Yes, I want to know.”
“Guys please, I’m dying of embarrassment. Can we at least continue after we’ve had some time for me to calm down?” I put my face in my hands, unable to keep from blushing and feeling like I wanted to die of embarrassment for admitting such things.
“Come on, we are supposed to be learning right now,” Leo spoke up. I looked at him as he glared at the other members of the group.
“Right. We’ve embarrassed her enough,” Hakyeon agreed. I looked at Leo with the most grateful look on my face and I saw him blush slightly at my sudden very focused gaze.
After several minutes of gathering myself and going over the lesson, we continued in learning English.
At break time, I was surrounded again by the group (except Leo, who while still around, was not too close to me), “Okay, we’ve waited patiently, so now you have to tell us why Ken.”
“Okay. I love music, and I love good singers. Really good singers. So I completely fell for Ken because he consistently sang well, not only in music videos, but also live. He does very well and I love listening to him sing.”
“So you like singers?” Ravi asked.
“I like rappers too, but there’s a special place in my heart for singers. Although, it’s really just for male singers. I have this biased idea that there are less men who can sing well then there are women, so I tend to treasure male singers more often than girl singers. But I do like rappers as well. Zelo was my UB for a while.”
“You listen to other KPOP groups?”
“Yes. Well, you weren’t my first group.”
“How did you get into KPOP? Were you in a group of people or something?”
“Actually, funny story. I was skyping with my friend who listened to KPOP, and he sent me a video of Super Junior KRY singing “Feliz Navidad” in some kind of Korean show that was celebrating the Christmas holiday. I heard Yesung singing and, because I love good singers, I instantly had to know who this amazing singer was.”
“I asked my friend, but he didn’t know, so I had to do research. And let me tell you, doing research on an unknown person who shows up on a thirty second video on youtube is like finding a needle in a haystack. But I did it, and I found Super Junior. They were my first KPOP group until Big Bang, and then I liked Daesung, since, obviously, he’s a good singer.”
“I see a trend,” Ravi pointed out.
“Yes, well, I can’t help it. I did tell you I’m attracted to good singers.”
“Attracted?” Hongbin picked out.
“Yes. I find men who can sing well very attractive.”
“So you find Ken attractive?” Hyuk smirked.
“I…” I didn’t know how to answer because I didn’t want things to get super awkward. I knew they’d pick on me anyway for it, but still.
“Ken, you should sing for her.”
“What should I sing?” everyone looked at me.
I blushed intensely, they just wanted to see me die of embarrassment, didn’t they? “Could you sing a part of…Cold at Night?”
“Is that your favorite?”
“Does it matter?”
“I’m not going to tell you my favorite because I’d never live it down. Cold at Night will be good enough, I also love that song.”
“Should we all sing a portion of it?”
“Are you sure?”
“Anything for our English teacher, who works very hard to teach us,” Ken winked and I felt like my soul left my body.
“Only if everyone is in on it. I don’t want to pressure Leo into anything if he’s not—“
“I’ll do it,” he spoke up.
I was rather surprised by his volunteering, but I decided that I’d not be rude and deny them the opportunity to sing for me…plus I really really really wanted to heart it live, just for me.
“Okay,” I smiled.
They laughed at my sudden willingness.
상상하지도 못 했던 순간이
전혀 생각하지 못한 한마디
차가운 밤에 다가와 내 이름을 부르고 있어
이건 꿈이 아니라는 듯
눈물을 흐르고
흐려지는 너의 뒷모습은
저 멀리 스며들어
왜 나를 떠나야만 했는지
이유도 모른 채 멍하니 그곳에 서서
I couldn’t believe that this was happening, for me. It was more than I had ever dreamed possible, I would never forget this moment where VIXX sang for me, exclusively.
Later that night, VIXX was eating dinner and going over their English lessons and chatting about their English teacher, Michelle.
“She’s really pretty, isn’t she?”
“And she’s really smart.”
“She’s fun to tease, she reacts like Leo.”
“Speaking of Leo,” Hakyeon looked at Leo as he was eating, “it’s very unusual for you to volunteer to do something like that, especially if we’re not in the public eye. You usually decline those things unless we insist.”
“I was being polite.”
“I think you like her.”
“I like her. She is a nice person and she is very intelligent, and mostly, she is quiet and calm,” he replied.
“Well that was a boring answer. I was hoping we’d be able to tease him some more.”
“He knows us well enough that we can’t get away with it too often.”
“Still, I like her. I hope we can be friends. Will we see her tomorrow?”
“No, tomorrow is her day off.”
“What if we followed her?”
“But what about our music?” Ravi asked. He was working on a new MIXTAPE to be released in a few months, and he had a V Live broadcast to do about it.
“Leo can follow her.”
Leo coughed up his water and looked at them, “I can what?”
“Well you’re stuck on your music right now, right? It’ll be good for you to get out and do something besides beat your head against a wall trying to come up with the rest of the tune and lyrics.”
“I don’t think—“
“Plus, you’ll get to observe her and none of us have had that chance yet. She is an interesting person and wouldn’t it be fun to find out more about our teacher before we don’t see her anymore? After us, she’ll be teaching other groups English.”
After much persuasion, Leo finally gave in. What was the worst that could happen?
Alright Duckies, I hope you enjoyed this next part. What could possibly happen next? Wait and find out what will happen with our heroin. Thanks for reading!