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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue
Y/N's POV Your van pulled up to the back of the bank and you and Luhan jumped out masks on and guns loaded. Tao was in the front seat his mask on as well. You looked back at him, "Alright panda be ready when I give the signal, yeah?" You said. He nodded. Tao was always pretty quiet. Your boss, Yifan, was probably the only one that Tao really spoke to. Out of the three years you were with the Exo group you knew which boys were closest to which members, some of them you knew why and others you didn't. In Tao's case, he was closest to Yifan because he saved him back when his family was targeted by a rival gang. Tao has been loyal to him since. Your loyalty lied with Yifan as well. He found you back when he was going up against another rival gang, 2pm, he killed their leader and saved you. Your amnesia made it impossible for you to remember why you were taken by them in the first place but Yifan said you were his girlfriend and you went undercover to seduce Park Jaebeom. You'd given Exo information on how to attack 2PM but Jaebeom wanted to protect you unaware that you had actually set him up. In the process of the mission, you hit your head and lost your memories. Once Yifan took you back to SM Town's main boss you were put through training and you were teamed up with Yifan. You mainly believed it was so that he could keep an eye on you, you were never quite sure if his story was true or not but over time you had developed a romantic relationship with him, well again if his story was true. Though Yifan was your main partner, over the years you'd slept with all the members at least once. Some of your favorite ones you came back to. Others came to you to relieve stress and each one helped you master your craft in seduction; although, Yifan was probably the only one that knew that's why you did it, well that and you liked having sex with other people. "Alright Fox and Bear are you in your secured positions?" Yifan said using the code names for Sehun and Junmyeon through the radio. Those two were your best snipers and you needed them keeping a look out so that no one could follow you or Tao and most of all if anyone interfered like the cops they would be distracted or taken out. Your gloves were on, the empty bags were in your hands and ready to be filled and the decoy bills were in the back of the van ready to be found. "Bunny, Sunshine I need you two to move quick once the police are alerted our window of opportunity gets very short very quick." Luhan said. "I still don't understand why I was named Bunny I get the cute name and I blow shit up for a living." Minseok complained. "At least you're not Kitten." Jongdae laughed noting Baekhyun's nickname. "I got Lamb I think you can survive with Bunny." Yixing said. "Will you princesses stop bitching about the names and focus on the plan?" You snapped at them. They all looked at you and you heard Yifan chuckle, "That's my little lioness." He said. "Lamb do you have the bombs ready?" You focused on Yixing now. He nodded. You looked to Luhan and he nodded and went to his radio, "This is Deer to Team B are you all in position?" Luhan said. "Copy that Deer this is Puppy in position." "Monkey in position." "Penguin in position." "Kitten in position." Each voice, Jongin, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun all answered Luhan's call. "Alright let's get moving." Yifan said. You all nodded and hopped out of the van leaving the ever so quiet Tao in the drivers seat. You all made your way into the back door of the bank having already set up the trap to keep the back door unlocked the day before. You all filed in quickly and Yifan said loudly in a deeper voice with his gun raised, "Everyone get the Fuck down!" Female tellers screamed and dropped to the ground quickly. Male tellers got down with their hands up. The frenzy behind the back room began and you quickly shot out the cameras. You nodded to Yixing and he began to hook up the bomb to the safe and the wall. Luhan, Minseok and Jongdae quickly came out to the public area rounding everyone up by shooting their guns. Some people got out but that wasn't your concern, they couldn't see you all and had no idea who you were, as far as you were concerned you were safe for now. The main thing was to get the cash and go. Once people started running out the police would be headed toward you all. You had ten minutes at best to get what you could and go. You rounded up two carts and placed the bags on them while Yifan kept watch of the tellers in the back. Yixing nodded to you to give you the signal he was about to blow the safe. You backed up with him and he pressed the button. It wasn't a big enough explosion to bring the building down; in fact, it was just enough to bust the lock and leave a decent hole in the wall. You hurried over with Yixing to pull the door open and you two went to work filling the bags with money. You two didn't have much time but you could hear Yifan moving all the tellers into the public area of the bank while he ordered the others to check everyone for phones. "Alright this one is filled start with the next bag." You told Yixing. "Okay." "This is taking too long even with the both of us." You muttered. You quickly ran out the safe and said, "Yo Sunshine give us a hand." He nodded and hurried over to you, you went back into the safe and he helped stack money into the bag's. You were just finishing up when you heard the sirens from the police. Sehun and Junmyeon came over the radio. "Dragon, we've got three cars coming up. I can probably shoot a tire out of one of them." Sehun said. Yixing and Jongdae were running the money out the back door when you came back up front. "Shoot them." Yifan said. You grabbed his arm and whispered to him, "Are you crazy? We agreed to avoid casualties." "They're trained men they can handle it." he whispered back to you. The screeching of tires came from the front of the building. You could see two cop cars now parked out front. More would be on their way and the screeching tires must've been from the third one getting it's tire blown out. You went to your radio, "Fox, Bear keep your eyes open don't let anyone in." "Copy Lioness." Sehun said back. You looked to Yifan. Minseok and Luhan went to go help get the bags out of the bank and into the separate cars this required them to run behind other buildings to stay hidden and get to those cars. Chanyeol was in charge of retrieving Tao once the van was abandoned. Everything had to be done right though. The police were calling for you to come out with your hands up. A helicopter hadn't been dispatched just yet but one would be on its way soon. "We need to leave." You told Yifan. He nodded agreeing with you. Yixing and Jongdae gave you the signal it was time for them to go. You rounded everyone up, "Alright get out! Go! Everyone fucking move!" You shouted hurrying them to get out of the building. They ran out of the building while Yixing was getting the last bag out but it had gotten stuck on a loose piece of metal. You cursed under your breath when you saw them struggling. You looked back and saw a cop had entered the building. You held your gun up at him. "Don't move!" The cop shouted. You scoffed. "You've got some balls running in here without back up." you said. A few bullets went off outside letting you know the boys were stopping the other cops from getting in. Yifan rose his gun and you looked at him thinking he was ready to pull the trigger and kill the cop. The less bodies the better, it helped for better escape and made it harder to find you, though you were sure SM had ways of making evidence disappear. "Let's go!" Jongdae shouted from behind the counter. You stepped back and the officer held his gun up, "Don't move!" He yelled again. "We need to go Dragon." You said to Yifan. He still held his gun up suddenly, two shots went off hitting the cop and some how Yifan. He was hit in his side and he bent over in pain. "Shit!" You said. The cop was dead and Yifan was hurt. You grabbed Yifan slinging his hand over your shoulder and you hurried him to the back. His hand was pressed to his side and blood stained his shirt. Fuck if they got his blood sample you were all dead men! There was no time to stop, the officers were running in, Sehun and Junmyeon must've left their posts. Baekhyun made it easy for you to get to him and you got in the back seat with Yifan. "Panda go now," You said in the radio. "Monkey be there when he gets out and make sure you're not followed." Hopefully this part went according to plan. Tao was supposed to drive off in the van with the decoy money and then ditch the van last minute, jumping out of the car and letting it crash. He first had to lose the police that would follow him and he'd have to do it before they got a helicopter tail. Every minute that passed was crucial. Tao was good under pressure though and an excellent driver. Once Tao made it through a shoot out with two bullets in his shoulder, a sprained ankle and a black eye so swollen he could only see out of the other eye. Chanyeol was the second best driver so hopefully everything would remain under control, you couldn't afford any more fuck ups. "What the Fuck happened back there?" Baekhyun said driving off. You removed both yours and Yifan's mask and the looked at his wound. He was panting but only winced in pain. "Yi." You whispered. "One of them tried to fucking kill me." Yifan said. You looked at him seriously and then up at Baekhyun who only glanced back with a troubled look on his face. You got on the radio, "Fox and Bear report immediately when we get back to the base. We need to talk." You said. You didn't believe that either one of them would try to kill Yifan not with how close this family was but two of your best marksmen somehow managed to kill a cop and shoot your boss. That was one hell of a fuck up and either way punishment was in order....
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I'm so glad ppl are excited!
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