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so I need everyone to vote on the idea that they like more so I know which to post. if you wish to be added to the tag list for that story please let me know.

#1: The American Girl

A young girl runs away to a whole new continent to escape the abuse that she faces at home. She goes to a whole new school district where she has gotten herself emancipated and now takes care of herself. Her favorite K-idol finds out about her situation and pays her a visit. What will happen between these two?


From Death I ran. From blood and gore, did I turn my back. From heartbreak and sorrow, did I leave behind. From abuse did I escape bruises. From family that once loved me. To new people who loved me for who I was. To a new community where I was accepted for who I was. To a new love that didn't hurt me. To my new life as Kailyn Nakamura. From my old life as Aislinn Giovanni. This is the story of my escape.

#2: The Mistaken Number

A case of a mistaken number causes controversy between an Idol and a fan of their group. Having moved to Korea recently this girl had to have her number changed and apparently got one of his old friends numbers as her new one. When he texts her asking her where she was at she gets confused, asking who he was. After talking to each other for a while thing between the two get hard because of them wanting to meet but the idol not wanting things to become hard for the girl.


Nari frowned at her phone as she tilted her head. She sat up in the bed of her hotel room and stared at the number as it apparently tried to get ahold of someone named Yoongi. she shook her head and set down her phone, tired after her flight.
While both female characters are named it is from your perspective. I just named the characters so that I wouldn't have to step out of my 3rd person comfort zone.
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#2 😊 Sounds really cool!!!