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Naruto Battles 🍃
Out of all the Naruto battles, and i mean outta a lot, I loved these two the most. Hinata showed her true strength in order to protect the person she loved. And Naruto fought his inner demon to be free from the darkness in his heart. ❤ WHAT WERE YOUR GUYS FAVORITE BATTLES IN THE WHOLE SERIES?? _Jizeru
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Naruto vs Pain, Naruto vs Naruto
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Sakura and Chiyo vs. Sasori 👌👌
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Yea! I always go back to rewatch that scene! The animation is just amazing! Sasori just has so many tricks up his sleeves. Especially at the end when they had the puppet fight
9 months ago
madara vs might guy
9 months ago·Reply
Hashirama Senju vs Madara Uchiha👊🏽
9 months ago·Reply
Every battle ! No for real
9 months ago·Reply
aw lol true their each so good
9 months ago