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Hey guys, Kim here and I was wondering if anyone was playing the Christmas special. If so, don't you think that the Christmas special is cute?? Surprisingly, getting Jumin's route was pretty easy.
I swear, Zen gets so jealous!!!! I think it's cute though!!!! I think I might be on his now!!!
Until next time!!! Tagging my lovely Mystic Messenger Buds @SimplyAwkward @OtakuDeamon10
You can always tell who's route you are going to get when you see the 3rd Visual Story it all really deoends on who you get the most Hearts with when you chat in the first half of the day x3 @OtakuDemon10 I loved Zen's route so I think you will too!
yup! It was super fun to mess with him! haha I'm mean 😅 but he's so cute when he's flustered like that! lol
First time I got 707; I wasn't aiming or anything yet, he's just my husbando, so I got him naturally💘 I'm getting Zen tonight (only my second time cuz I was on family vacation last week, so I felt guilty playing, but I couldn't resist trying it right away at least once!), but I'm concerned about "Unknown"... I think I'm saving Jumin for last, maybe possibly rounding back to Seven again, but yes, it's so cute!