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Kookie monster time!!! lol I couldn't wait any longer I wanted to post this while news was still fresh about suga injurying himself. now I know its not a laughing matter he hurt himself but it was kinda funny. I'm sorry to say it lol.
A few days later Jenni and Sarah came home after work to Find Suga sitting on the couch with kitty in his lap. "What are you doing here?" Sarah asked. Suga turned to look at them and smiled. "Hi" he said. "Hi" Jenni said with a little wave. "Can I have my kitty?" She asked. "What? Your not curious what he's doing Here?" Sarah questioned confused. "Oh" Jenni looked at her friend. "Joonie already messaged me telling me it's my fault" she said with a shrug. "What did you do? Loose a bet?" Sarah was confused. "Heh" suga was chuckling as he watched the two. "No. But it might feel that way" Jenni said. "I hurt my ear" suga pitched in. "And how did you hurt your ear?" Sarah asked. "A door hit me" suga stated. Sarah stared at suga the turned and glared at Jenni. "This is your fault!" Sarah pointed at Jenni. "I didn't do it!" Jenni huffed. "I know why Joonie blamed you for this" Sarah said a smile crossing her face which made Jenni laugh. "He said my klutzie passed onto suga since he ran into a door and hurt his ear." Jenni said  "Well it is something you would do" sarah said. "No I'm not that bad" Jenni denied. "Yes you are" Sarah said. "Yes you would" suga agreed. "That's just hurtful" Jenni faked shocked. "You know I'm shocked they didn't blame the god of destruction for this" sarah interjected all of a sudden. "We did, but then he pointed out he destroys things, panda there hurts herself and others, thus her klutzie rubbed off on me" suga stated. Sarah burst out laughing. "Your boyfriend totally threw you under the bus" sarah said. Jenni pouted and stomped over to suga and took her kitty from suga   "Suga is going to comfort me after that blow"Jenni said cuddling the kitty. Suga sighed and stood up, Jenni watched as he started to pet her head and wondered what he was doing. "Um suga what are you doing?" She asked. "Comforting you" he said. She chuckled at that. "I was talking about kitty suga" Jenni chuckled. His hand wavered but he continued petting her head. "There there. I didn't catch your clumsiness."  Suga said. Shaking her head Jenni pulled away from him. "So your spending time with us today? I thought you guys had music core today" sarah commented. "We do. I'm not performing though." Suga said. "Can we watch it please?" Jenni said excitedly. "Jenni your squeezing the cat" Sarah said as suga kitty tried to escape. "Oh sorry" jenni said letting go of the kitty. She ran off and went into one of the open rooms. "We can watch it later" Sarah nodded. "Okay, I'm taking a nap until then I'm tired." Jenni said. "I'll be out Here with suga" sarah said. Several hours later jenni woke up from her nap and came out to see sarah and suga on the couch laughing about something. "Oh oh Jenni your just in time!" Sarah exclaimed. "Why?" She asked. "Music core is on. B.a.p is on right now" Sarah said. "Are you watching live or on v app behind the sceen?" She asked. "Both. I have v app on my phone" sarah said. She scooched over on the couch to make to for Jenni. They watched the performance and when bts came on a few people later all three sat up to pay attention. "Its so weird to see them all on stage with out suga" sarah sighed. "Its different seeing them perform without me" suga said. "Oh my god! Every time kooki every time he does that" sarah pointed at the screen squealing. "Does what?" Suga questioned. "The belt tug" Jenni said. "And when he moved his hands down his body" sarah squealed again. Suga sat there staring at Sarah. "Is she always like this?" Suga questioned. "Shh its Jimins part" jenni said pointing to the screen. The entire 5 minutes they were on screen the girls pointed out random things the guys were doing. Halfway through the broadcast suga's phone went off. "Hey" he answered. "We missed you at the concert tonight" Namjoon said. Suga put the call on speaker. "Yea, we watched you guys perform."  suga said. "I got an insight on how fans react to the choreo" suga chuckled. "Yah! And tell Kooki stop acting so sexy on stage!" He added making namjoon laugh. "He can hear you, your on speaker" Namjoon said. "Never stop kooki!" sarah called out.
he he it is kinda funny how it worked in blaming panda for the klutziness. hope you liked it even tho it was kind of short.
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Wait a second....did I miss Kookie dressing up as a girl???? Where did you find that picture?!?!?! Also loved the little update it was cute
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funny thing I knew sugas was photoshopped but after this pic of Kookie I went on a hunt and was like ok good he didn't dress as a girl.
Can we talk about the 2nd and 3rd pictures, are they real? Did that actually happen?
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no kooki dressed up as a girl, that happened. but yea the third might have been fake (lop huge convo on Instagram about that one)