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Reason: Because I love dark edgy looking clothing, so this concepts clothing speaks to me on a spiritual level.
Reason: this just shows a more mature sexier side to them that I'm literally growing to love so much..
Reason: As I said before I like edgy grunge type clothing so theses styles more pleasing to me
Reason: Honestly I have no reason for loving the clothing in this concept .. like I think EXID is slowly dragging me in female Asian fashion.
Reason: I love the matching color scheme and matching outfits,it was really adorable Well those are the few that I like, I planned on doing more but I'm gonna keep it short. Now tagging the minions:
I can definetly agree with you in the grungy and edgy clothing!!!!
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Haha never! Those are the best types of clothing!! Especially on kpop idols! 😋😋
Get Down is my favorite too ❤
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@WooJaii0914 Sunwoo looked like a dark angel to me with that blonde hair and outfit 😍