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These are a few things that I love about Korea and wish America had!

((I know some of these things exist in Korea because of some social and economical injustices that I DONT wish upon America))

+ one thing I wish Korea had from America ;)

What would you like from Korea in your home country?!

You can pay for sooooo many things with your T-Money card... but their transit system is second to none... The best I have ever seen... I miss it a lot. I loved that I was never bored there... I could always find something to do when my insomnia kept me awake for days
I love that idea of convenience stores serving warm drinks besides coffee and hot chocolate. 😊
I agree about most of these things... except the garbage disposal thing... I have septic systems most of my life so I don't miss those γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹
For the picture above, we actually have those where I live. Which is really surprising because I literally live in the middle of nowhere
Toliet paper....what's up with that? Ang was told to bring some from here. Why?
Their toilet paper is a bit rough but you can't flush our toilet paper there... You will have to put it in the trash next to the toilet
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