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After a long day I happily getting to update a bunch of things today :) Baileys Galaxy being one of them. I was on a short story run today so chapter isn't long, but it does have a little surprise guest. sigh in panda I just can't get away from him can I. lol
At lunch I left the classroom with Tzuyu and Chaeyoung to head to the lunchroom. "What are you thinking of getting?" Chaeyoung asked. "Bread. I'm craving chocolate bread" I said.  "You have to have more then that" chaeyoung huffed. "But I'm not really hungry" I told her. "Doesn't matter. Still need to eat to maintain  energy" Chaeyoung pointed out "But I just need a snack to get by for now" I said. "Well fine then. Don't eat. I'm going to get my meal, Tzuyu you two. Bailey we'll meet you at the table" Chaeyoung said pulling Tzuyu away. With a sigh she went along with it leaving me to fend for myself at the line to the snack bar. I waited in line for all of 5 minutes before someone approached me from behind. I squealed when someone chabbed a finger in my side. "Ah! Don't do that!" I called out turning to see a grinning face looking at me. "Gotcha!"  San Ha laughed. Rocky, his band mate was standing next to him. "That wasn't funny" I huffed. San ha was still laughing with Rocky. "Little piggy squeal. You should do a sheep next! Baaa" Rocky said imitating what a sheep would sound like. "I can't believe you just compared my squeal to a pig" I pouted. "Mooo" San ha said trying to go for a straight face but only lasted for a second before he was grinning. "What is it with you two and animal noises" I questioned.  San ha and Rocky shared a look with each other. "What is it with you and teddy bears?" Rocky asked. "I like teddy bears!" I exclaimed. "Plus my fans give me them" I added. "Lucky pig" Rocky laughed. "I'm not a pig" I reinstated. "Whose next?" Someone called out. I turned to see I was at the front of the line. "Chocolate bread" I ordered. "A red bean bread!" San ha added "Oh 2 of those and a banana milk!" Rocky added more on. "Really?' I eyed them. They gave me cheeky smiles. "Fine" I said giving in. I paid for the breads and the lady handed them to us. "Where are the other 2?" I asked. "Eunwoo and moon bin are getting meals with Zero" San ha answered. "Nice" I nodded. I spotted my two friends finishing in line so I went to the table, San ha and Rocky coming along. "Did you have a concert coming up?" Rocky asked. "Last night. I have another in 2 days. Its basically concert week. What about you guys?" I asked. "Not yet. But we have a fan meet and greet coming up!" Rocky sounded excited for that. "That's awesome!" I grinned. I was picking at my bread when a tray of food was set in front of me. There was rice in a bowl, meat, kimchi, and fishcakes in little piles on the tray. It looked good and my tummy started quivering for real food. "Eat kiddo. You need real food" Chaeyoung said sitting down next to me. I looked over at her with a huge smile on my face. "Thanks chae !" I exclaimed as she handed me a pair of chopsticks. Rocky and San ha were eyeing my tray so I pulled it closer to me. "My food" I said like a child. Before they could complain more people joined our table and trays were set in front of them. "My food" San ha pointed at his tray. "My food" Rocky imitated him. I couldn't help but laugh. I took a couple bits of my food before everyone started talking. San ha and Rocky were playing with their food. eunwoo was talking to zero about a book he had to do a report on and Moon bin was talking to the two girls. I realized for a second that everyone kind of paired off together. I ate my food and enterer just about all the conversations happening around me. When lunch was over we all went our ways to class. The rest of the school day went on until I was getting out. The van came to pick me and zero up and we headed to our studio. Hours went by of language class, choreo class and my rap class. 8 o'clock and I was finally just sitting in the studio starting my homework. First I was doing a little bit of my work assigned from my last class since it was fresh. I pulled up a few English songs that had different styles of rap. I was listening to a song called 'U know what I want' and trying to figure out the style when there was a knock in the door and Eon entered. He paused in the Doorway and listened to a few bars of what I was listening to. "Bailey! What are you listening to?" Eon questioned. I turned in my chair to face him. "Music" I states as he shut it off. "That was all cussing and dirty words" Eon stated. I just shrugged. "That's complete garbage" someone said over Eons shoulder. He moved to see Rap monster standing there. My jaw dropped. "I was passing by and heard what was playing" Namjoon shrugged "Hey Namjoon" Eon said looking at the guy. I wondered if they knew each other. Id never met him before even though we worked in the same company "what exactly are you listening to?" Namjoon asked. "English music" I shrugged. "Do you know what they are saying?" Eon questioned glaring at me as he went to turn it off. "Yes I do. They're talking about sex. Do you know that most English music consists of sex" I have questioned. "Well sex sells. Here we rely on actual music and our looks" Namjoon said. "So sex appeal still" I stared at him. "We have to look good in order to draw people into listen to us" I pointed out. "Its different, we don't talk about it constantly in our music and have it as a way of drawing attention" Eon said exasperated. "This is a strange conversation" Namjoon stated looking between us. "Not as strange as some of our conversations." I shrugged. "Are you lead rap in your group?" namjoon asked. "Our little maknae sure is" Eon chucked me under the chin, which was weird even for him. "You two should talk" eon recommended. "Are you subtly telling me to teach her my ways?" Namjoon questioned. "No why would I do that" Eon questioned even as he had a smile on his face. "I don't need a teacher, I already have enough people teaching me" I whined. Eon eyed me. "when was the last time you ate? Eon asked. "maybe 3, it was after school" I shrugged. "why don't you take a break and eat with me" Eon said. "I was just going to get Ramen myself with Yoongi and kooki" Namjoon mumbled. "ramen?" I perked up. "can I come?" I invited myself making him look at me suprised "Bailey," Eon was about to say something else but Namjoon smiled and nodded. "yea, you two come with, it'll be bonding time" Namjoon said. I got a burst of energy and spun around in y chair excitedly.
lol you see!!! you see I just can't get away from Joonie! he was just there at the right moment to be hearing that music and yes I included the music video so you could see what she was listening to, just be warned it really is dirty so many beeps :o You don't have to listen if you don't want to :)
Omo Namjoon the one to say that cussing and dirty words are garbage when boi knows bout his mixtape tsk tsk tsk I loved how Sanha and Rocky were making farm animals sounds, so cute!
well Joonie hello there, yay kinda excited for astro already making an appearance and not bts....hmm who else shall be showing up
My husband's music is a lot of swearing and stuff that I just don't care to hear. I should also wait until morning to read these, as the ff always makes me hungry.