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Que tal peeps!

I've got some hot tea to spill! Get your cups ready mis amigos! I was at work screaming all day. I know all my Taemin and Jimin fans will die! So the tea is that Taemin from Shinee and Jimin from BTS will have a dance number together! KBS shared that December 29, 2016 8:30pm (KST) that these two smexy talented dancers will have a duo together! I almost I did die. I'm writing you from the unknown island of Jimin and Taemin! I predicted this too! They have been showing so much bromance recently, I knew this was bound to happen.


KBS Statement

"It's going to be a performance where Taemin and Jimin's bromance will shine. They are firing up their passion and participating in song selection, choreography, stage production, and more in order to create the best performance. It'll be one of the performances that you cannot miss. Please look forward to it." Source

Ride Or Die Peeps

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Omg I have so been wanting this for like 6 months!!!! And my dream is coming true!!!!
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Ya I heard about this, I'm super stoked
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I heard about this, Taemin is my favorite dancer out there. He has so much talent! And Jimin is talented as well. This is gonna kill me but I'm ready!
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