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Taehyung POV I didn't know what to do or where I was going, nor did I care at the moment as the wind whipped in my face. I ran down the streets, the afternoon sun pouring down on me. It was late afternoon, so I still had a little time before the moon came, but I didn't know if I would be able to go back. I clutched my shoulder, the pain from the imprintment increasing the further I ran. That doesn't make sense! I told myself again for the hundredth time. She can't be alive! I've already accepted her death and moved on, so why am I acting like this? I turned into a nearby ally, the light of the day, lethargically beginning to be filled with the shadows of the night. I looked up at the sky, worry painting across my face. Because of my jumbled up brain moving a million miles per hour, I had stupidly miss judged the time. How long had I been out here? Damn. I need to get back. I can't transform in front of people! I looked around the corner, taking a deep breath, trying to distract myself from the throbbing in my arm. I didn't know how far I had ran either, but I thought if I could run at full speed I maybe could get back in time. I took out my phone to call Hoseok. I absolutely didn't want him in the apartment when I came back. It would be to close to call with the moon rising. The wind scratched my face as I ran down the streets once again, the same thoughts fighting in my head like two tornadoes. Even with me going back I didn't know how to act towards Giala anymore. She wouldn't remember today, but I certainly would. What if she's telling the truth? I found my heart rate increasing as I thought of the small possibility of G being alive. I shook my head almost immediately at this. No. She's dead. I saw it. I ran up to my door throwing it open, just as the moon rose, the light hitting my skin just as I skidded to a halt inside the safety of my apartment. The tv noise buzzed in the room as I felt my nails growing to a point and my heavy breathing becoming heavier and gruffly, like a dog. I fell to my knees frantically as the hair on my legs and arms grew and my bones morphed. I bared my teeth, growling slightly until the transformation was complete and I stood on four legs. Where's Giala? I thought, looking around. I carefully raised my paws, taking a step slightly towards the noise of the living room. I made sure not to make a sound. Was Namjoon right? Did she stay in her human form? I walked into the living room, barely seeing over the couch. I slowly peaked over the couch, my mixture of chocolate and light brown fur brushing the material it was made out of. Giala was laying on the couch, staring at the tv. I sighed, thankful she hadn't seen me yet. But, because I was in my wolf form it came out more like a loud whine a dog makes when someone steps on its tail. Giala rolled her head in my direction and  looked at me, her head dangling from one side. "V?" She whined automatically. I backed up, meeting her drunken looking eyes. "V, come here." She slurred out stretching her good arm, clutching her hand in and out. I moved my head back and forth, unable to speak. I didn't dare move from my position. Giala whined at my disobedience and leaned forward, immediately losing her balance, falling with a thud on the floor. That idiot. I waited for her to get up, but she didn't, the worrying pain starting to arise in my chest. Not evening thinking, I walked over to her and nuzzled her shoulder with my nose. Is she unconscious? I heard a soft laugh come from her mouth and realized she was actually awake. I backed up, sitting back on my hind legs, peering down at her nervously. My realization too late as I had done what she wanted all along. She laughed again and opened her eyes. "Hey....come here......" Giala slurred, still not happy. I just stood there, ignoring her and not moving. This time don't move I told myself. It was silent for a minute until she spoke, realizing I didn't move. "Why are you still not listening to me?" Her lips touched the ground and saliva slowly rolled off her lips as she complained. "Come here!" Giala suddenly yelled, pounding her good arms in the ground, where she was laying. I still didn't move. She's going to draw attention with the neighbors if she yells like that though..... "Come here!" She yelled again. I heard the door of one of my neighbor's suddenly open, the click of the handle echoing in my ears. I bared my teeth, not liking what I was doing and reluctantly scooted a little closer. Giala still didn't look happy and I knew she wanted me to lay next to her. I shook my head, and Giala narrowed her eyes. "Closer!" She yelled. "Where is that noise coming from?" The sound of their footsteps occupied the hall, the steps sounding like light thunder as the walked near my door. One more yell and they'll knock on my door. Shit. I quickly moved to her side and laid down, my face facing her. Ok, ok. I'm here. Don't shout, please! Giala smiled lazily and laughed silently, flopping right on top on me. I felt her hands brush away my fur on what would of been my back and felt my stomach turn uncomfortably. I tried to move away, but it was impossible with her weight. "Please don't leave me again V." Her words were muffled as she dug her face into my fur at what would of been the side of my neck, her lips grazing my skin. I felt my arm sting again and I almost had forgotten the pain I had been in before this. It seemed like once I had transformed it went away for some reason, but now it was back. I let out low growl and tried to get up, regretting listening to her when she yelled. I would take being seen by my neighbors then being in this situation now. I felt Giala's lips curl up into a smile and then felt a heavy weight suddenly fall on my neck. Shit. Did she fall asleep? Who falls asleep at a time like this?! That means I'm stuck like this! I moved a little to make sure, but Giala didn't say anything. Shit. Giala's  POV I felt my eye lids groggily begin to open as the sun of the morning filled the room. I felt a light throbbing coming from my broken arm,but I didn't mind it. I knew it had healed completely from the full moon. As I laid their I felt a rush of hot air brush my neck and slowly realized I was on someone. I backed away, completely confused, letting my eyes focus. The blurriness slowly transformed into Taehyung's face, bringing his features into focus. His angry, open, green eyes poured into me as he stared back at my shocked face. "What the hell are you doing so close to me!" I yelled. Taehyung looked at me utterly furious, his hair a mess and his clothes wrinkled. "You're the one on top of me." He said angrily, causing me to look at our position on the floor and realizing I was literally hugging him. I immediately let go, scrambling up as my face glowed red embarrassed, a mixture of anger stirring in my cheeks as my eyes burned green. I turned away, crossing my arms. "I swear if you took advantage of me I-" I cut, wishing I could glare at him openly. Taehyung cut me off immediately. "I didn't. You're the one who wouldn't stop whining and practically begged for me to lay next to you." I heard him get up and walk closer to me, his movements vibrating the floor. "Don't get any closer!" I seethed. I felt Taehyung's hand grasp my shoulder, ignoring my demand. "Don't touch me'" Again Taehyung ignored me, gripping my shoulder, pushing me around, and making me face him. My breath hitched at the sight of his eyes I had finally noticed. The beautifully emerald color, captivating my own clover color ones. "What-" "Stop." He interrupted me harshly, his finger nails digging into me. I looked shocked at his hand gripping my shoulder, nails filed to a point. I let my mouth dropped open. "I thought about it all damn night. At this point I just want you to answer me one question." I stood there silent, watching as Taehyung's teeth bared slightly to a point as well. The tension crawled up my arms, prickling the hairs on my skin. Ten seconds passed, with his greens eyes pouring into me. "How do you know my real name?" He breathed out finally, making it seem like a giant weight had been lifted off his shoulders. "What are talking about?" I stumbled out, looking at him utterly perplexed. Taehyung looked down annoyed for a split second, like he had been waiting all night to ask me this one question, and was pissed I didn't give him the answer he was looking for. He muttered one word I could barely make out. "Impossible." "I have no idea what you're talking about." I tried to say, but I could easily tell he wasn't listening to a word I was uttering out of my mouth. Taehyung rose his head and took his hand off my shoulder, the pain slowly flying off and evaporating into the air. "You obviously don't remember." "No. I obviously don't." I grumbled. Taehyung moved away, and raising his hand, he pushed back his bangs perplexed as his eyes studied me up and down. "What are you looking at?" I asked, scrunching my eyebrows, wanting to know what the hell was going on now. he's acting like he had seen a dead person. I was seriously rethinking my decision to stay here and I cursed Namjoon under my breath as I watched Taehyung stand in front of me. "I guess you kind of look like her..." he said, taking a breath to steady himself." "Look like who?" "G" I stood frozen. I only used that name with RM and V.... how does he- "How do you know that name." I cut, glaring at him, my greens eyes shining brighter. "You know it?" He asked, shocked, but at the same time,weirdly, looked like he was expecting me to agree to his question. "It's the name my friend gave me." I said back. Taehyung breathed deeply, taking in as much air as possible before he answered back. "This is insane." He said breathed out, pulling back his hair again. "You're going to have to explain to me what's going on." I said. What the heck is he talking about? How does he know my nickname? "How are you alive? I saw you stabbed by your brother." Taehyung looked absolutely confused, ignoring me completely, as he moved his hands to rub his temples. "Wait a minute. How do you know what happened to me?" I said. "Because I was there." Taehyung said. "What do you mean you were there...." Taehyung dropped his hand. "G, it me. It's V."