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Hello fellow Melodies! Its Melissa, one of the BtoB mod supporters. We the mod support of BtoB are having our last of the year event. I'm here to share some of favorite BtoB moments, songs and performances etc of 2016. We would love to see your favorites too.
Day 1- Favorite BtoB bias moment of 2016. Sungjae is my bias from BtoB. I have quite a few favorite Sungjae moments from 2016. One of my favorite Sungjae's moments was when he was one the hosts for Pentagon Maker. Another favorite moment was when he was part of We Got Married series. And when he was in the Idol Games. Sungjae can be so hilarious at times but sexy serious too.
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are all full epusode of Pentagon maker on youtube?
@LemonLassie I think they are but sadly not all are sub