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EXO Sci-Fi
Everywhere he went, everything froze and didn't move. As he was walking down a long hallway with doors on both sides, he heard pounding on the other sides of the doors. He seen someone peering out a small window. He wiped the frost away and seen Kai’s dad. He pointed down toward a box with a button below the window. He pushed the button. “Xiumin! What happened? How did you get out?” Xiumin pointed back the way he came, tears started to well up in his eyes and froze on his cheeks. His heart broke and everything started to get colder. Kai's dad, shivered. “Okay. Calm down a bit. Listen to me son. Go back the way you came. There's a control panel just down the hallway. Flip all the switches up. Can you do that?” Xiumin nodded his head, then he stopped, “Where's my mother?” “We'll look for her when you open the doors. Now hurry. There's not much time.” All the parents were released, almost all of them. Not all of them were accounted for, Suho’s father, Kyung's mother, Xiumin's mother. The rest ran through the facility, heading to the room where the kids were being held. Kyung's father hit the door with all his strength and knocked it open. “They're not all here. Where's Yifan?” Xiumin looked up at Yifan's father and pulled him back to that room where he had left him. Everyone heard him cry out. They all pulled their little ones close to them, grateful to be with them. “Kai! Kai! Where are you?!” his father called for him. “They took him” Lay answered, “They just took him a little while ago. They took Sehun too.” Sehun's mother went running after Kai's father. They searched up and down the hall. Then they heard a small child wailing from a room, it was Sehun. He’d been left on a table and couldn't get down. Kai's father told her to join the others. Just as she came around a corner, someone started shooting at her. She ran as fast as she could, holding Sehun close. She took a wrong turn and was trapped. She made Sehun stand behind her as the guard came running at her. She pushed a fierce wind at him, knocking him over but he got up and was fighting against it. With all her might, she made the wind even stronger. The guard flew back, hitting the far wall. She had the strength to crush him but it wasn't in her nature to harm anyone. And so she only held the guard there until her and Sehun got past him. Unexpectedly, he managed to pull his gun out enough to take aim. He didn't care where the bullet went, as long as it hit someone. He pulled the trigger and the bullet headed straight for Sehun, who was watching from behind his mother's legs. His mother whirled around as fast she could, shielding him. She felt the bullet enter her side. She tried to breathe in but couldn't fill her lungs. The guard took another aim but was met with a bright light that blinded him and then a force that was heavy as a mountain that crushed him. Baek and Kyung's father came running. Little Sehun was sobbing, tugging at his mom to get up. She kissed him and wiped his tears. “Take him, Take him out of here.” she managed to whisper. Kyung's father picked Sehun up and carried him away. Baek's dad, knelt down next to her and held her small hand in his. “I'll call for them, they can heal you.” “No, its too late… Even they can't heal death.” Her voice soft and no more than a whisper, “besides, this isn't the end.” “It's time to go home, little sister, I'll make sure you make it there.” he said. After she closed her eyes and slipped away, he picked her up and carried her out. Xiumin waited at the door. He kept wondering if his mother was coming, if someone knew where she was at. He heard someone coming. It was Kai and his father. As soon as they were outside with them, Xiumin asked him about his mother. He looked down at him. He seemed to realize that she wasn't with them. He knelt down next to Kai, Xiumin watched nervously as he brought Kai to him, giving him his sons’ hand. “Take Kai. Look after him. I'm going to go get her.” He knelt down next to Xiumin, putting his hand on his shoulder, “but Xiumin, you must be prepared for the worse, alright? It's going to be hard but they took your mom and she never came back. But I will try to find her.” He smiled at Xiumin and then hugged him. Then he disappeared back into the facility.