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Mindblowing Comparison Chart on Science Fiction Starships
Please go to the site and DOUBLE-CLICK for full zoom! It's seriously amazing. DeviantARTist DirkLoechel has been working hard on a chart that depicts most sci-fi starships from movies, anime, and video games. Which ships are you happy to see in there?
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Wow, that's amazing (and also ridiculous)! Some of the Firefly/Serenity are on there, but the Serenity itself was too small to even be in the image! Shame the Mass Effect ships aren't in there (apparently he's had some trouble finding good images for relative sizing).
Rendering this pic took me good 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing this amazing chart though! Can't believe Titan class ship from Eve could be bested in size by some others 0_o
@GarrusVakarian Ah ha! I missed that part about Mass Effect. I had wondered why they weren't included as I really wanted to see the Reapers in there. @nshen1 You are so welcome. I'm glad that there are some who can appreciate and geek out with me on it. :D