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Taehyung’s POV:
I took a lap and looked at (Y/n) and Namjoon were holding hands. ‘if he likes her why didn’t he just tell me,’ I thought. ‘She obviously isn’t pushing him way like she did to me… does she like him?’ I sighed. “Why, him and not me?” I asked out loud. I stopped on the far wall and watched them talk seriously to each other. I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell they were really close. The photoshoot finally started when the photographer showed up. He had both her and Namjoon, since they are the leaders of our groups, pose in the front together. They looked so good together, it was killing me to see how close they were. Even if they were friends, they probably will be dating soon. When the photoshoot was done, we all went to go eat together.
(Y/n)’s POV:
Taehyung was sat down next to me by pretty much everyone. They made sure of it by force. He didn’t look to happy by the look on his face. Namjoon sat next to me like usual, which was good because I need the moral support if I was going to do this. We all started eating, but Taehyung. He was just playing with his food. I nudged Namjoon and gave him a concerned looked. He looked at me like he didn’t know what I was taking about. I sighed and decided to do something really embarrassing. I picked up some food with my chopsticks. “Taehyung,” he looked at me and I held up the food towards him. He looked at me confused. “If you don’t eat on your own, I will feed you…” I could already feel everyone’s eyes on me and my cheeks started to get hot. He said nothing and just looked shocked. His face turning a light shade of pink. “Say aww,” I commanded. Still looking shocked he opened his mouth and I shoved the food in his mouth. I could hear Namjoon snickering next to me and I elbowed him. “Ouch, what was that for?” I ignored him and tried to hide my face, knowing that my face was probably red in embarrassment. “(Y/n),” I heard Taehyung say. Now everyone really did have their eyes on us. I looked up at him and he had his chopsticks up towards my mouth with a piece of food between them.
He had this embarrassed and happy look on his face. I hesitated and finally ate the food from his chopsticks. His signature, boxy grin went from ear to ear as he watched me. After finishing the piece of food that he gave me, I cleared my throat and changed the subject. Taehyung would have it he kept teasing me by putting his arm around my chair and scooting his chair closer towards mine. When I wasn’t talking and not paying attention to him he would brush his leg against mine, making me very aware of how close he was sitting next to me.
The dinner finished and we walked back I was saying my goodbyes to everyone. Taehyung stay behind from his group, so that we could talk. “So…” I said a bit nervous. “So…” he replied with a little chuckle after, but he spoke first. “Um… I thought I’d ask you something… do you have feelings for Namjoon?”
Taehyung’s POV:
She scrunched her eyebrows and looked me in the eye. She began to giggle a bit then said “No, what made you think that?” Now I felt embarrass “I… I just saw you two and I… I just thought… ah, never mind, just forget I said anything…” I began to walk off, but she blocked my path. “Look, um, it may seem like Namjoon and I may have something… but we’re just friends. Um, I got to admit that I do get quite nervous around you… that’s why I kind of avoid you.” She wasn’t looking at me anymore. I sighed “Namjoon told me that you may seem confident, but you’re just covering up your nervousness,” I lifted her chin with my pointer finger. “I like you…” he eyes widened from my bluntness. I lowered my finger and she kept looking at me. “Will you… go on a date with me?” I smiled nervously.
*a few months later*
“Um… let me think about it…” She said jokingly with a giggle. I smiled knowingly, remembering when first night I asked her out. “What’s with that grin?” (Y/n) questioned as she turned around to continue doing the dishes. “Do you have to do that right now, babe? I want to spend my time off with you!” I wrapped my arms around her. I felt her heave a sigh with her back against my chest. “I’m almost done with my chores, then you can have the rest of my day…” “Okay,” I replied unsatisfied with her answer. I started to help her with the dishes, so that I could have her for longer. When we finished, she and I, both sat on the couch together. I could see the lack of energy in her eyes. I took her feet off the ground “What are you doing?” I didn’t reply and took her house slippers off her feet. I began to rub her feet, I knew how hard she has been working to be where she’s at… I’ve been going through the same thing. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” she said with a weak smile looking at me. “It’s more like the other way around… do you want to watch a movie and cuddle?” “You read my mine…” she replied with a giggle.
We watched movie until we were both spooning on the couch, asleep. I woke up to the smell of her sweet shampoo and the credits rolling on the TV. I kissed her neck and she stirred in her sleep. I smiled at her peaceful, sleeping face. “Sweet dreams…” I whispered in her ear before laying back down and falling asleep again.
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Luna Fergus
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Is there another part to him or does it end here?