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EXO Sci-Fi
Xiumin sat in the corner of Suho's dining room. Even Chen who tried to leave, sat quietly. A tear rolled down Sehun's cheek, he collapsed his head onto the table before completely breaking down. Kai went over and pulled him over into his arms. Everyone was quiet for the time being. “My mother didn't come out.” Xiumin said. He looked at Dr. Yin, “but why don't I remember anything after that? Why don't any of us? And who are you, how do you know us?” Dr. Yin sighed, “Xiumin, don't you recognize me?” He pulled his glasses off and pulled his hair back. Xiumin looked at him for a long time and then he smiled. He jumped up and hugged Dr. Yin. “Who is he, Xiumin?” Baek asked. Xiumin pulled away, looking the doctor eye to eye, “He's Yifan is father” Dr. Yin smoothed his hand over Xiumin's hair, “You've grown up well. My son would've been jealous at how handsome you are.” His words made Xiumin laugh a bit. “You mentioned something called Grawl. What is that?” Suho asked. He hated interrupting the reunion but there was so much they needed to know. “Yes.” Dr. Yin turned his attention back to everyone.”The Grawl is a race of monsters, well that's how the galaxy describes them, they once ruled over most of our galaxy. But an uprising of the slave planets, Exodus and its system of planets, along with other systems, lead to a war that pushed the Grawl into hiding. As we discovered, The Grawl actually had gone into hibernation for centuries until they were accidentally awaken. The Grawl hunter that followed the ship here went into hiding, only myself and Tao's father, stayed behind in case he was still here and to also watch over you all.” “Why is it dangerous for us to be together?” “He can sense it. We never found out how he was able to do it but that's how he was able find us in the first place.” Dr. Yin sat down, trying to think of what to do now. Suho's phone rang so he went into the other room to answer it. “It's too late for you all to part now. So we'll need to keep an eye out for anything strange.” Dr. Yin looked at all of them. They all looked a bit nervous. “Don't be afraid.” “After all this time, why would he still want to kill us?” Chanyeol asked. “Especially if the war ended.” “It's not that he wants to kill you, he wants your powers. The Grawl have the ability to suck them out of you. It made them dangerous, he can even suck the energy from humans. That's probably how he survived all these years.” Suho came back into the room. “We have to get back. The company called my parents to see if I was with them because I wasn't at the dorm.” “But there's so much we need to know, to find out…” Baek said sounding disappointed. Lay rubbed his shoulder, telling him its okay Dr. Yin stood up, “We can get together tomorrow.” They all agreed. “You boys get back to your dorm, me and Lay can take Chen home.” As they were driving along, Lay looked back in his rear view mirror at Chen, who stared out the window, looking as though he was coming to terms with what was happening. He glanced over at Dr. Yin. “Yin, I can drop you off first since we're closer to your home.” Lay said quietly. Dr. Yin looked over at him from over his glasses, “No it's okay. We can drop off Chen first.” Lay bit his lip and nodded. They pulled up in front of Chen's, Chen thanked them and got out. Lay got out and walked him to his door. “Chen, I know it's hard to believe right now…” Lay said from behind him “It's beyond believable. I don't know. Some of it…” Chen scoffed, shook his head, “I think a part of me doesn't want to believe because it was so painful, friends dying and parents leaving us behind. Why would anyone want to remember that.” He turned to go into his house. He felt Lay’s hand stop him. Chen looked back at him, he felt a warm feeling in his chest, like something wrapping around his heart. “No one would blame you or be mad…. If you ran away from this.” Lay’s words were sincere but confusing. Chen went inside his house. Lay slowly climbed back into the driver seat. Yin stared straight ahead. “I'll take you ho….” Dr. Yin’s hand flew up behind Lay's head, slamming him into the steering wheel. Lay sat back, cupping his forehead in pain. “I would think you were trying to get rid of me.” Dr. Yin said “It's not that” Lay rubbed his forehead, he started the car and drove off. “Then explain” “I thought you would want to get started right away.” Lay watched the road, hoping Dr. Yin would believe him. “I'm sorry for thinking otherwise.” Dr. Yin sat quietly. He gazed at Lay. “What did you tell him?” “Nothing really. I just wanted him to know that its hard to believe, is all. He looked like he wants to run. I had to say something comforting.” They drove back the way they had come. He turned down an alley and pulled into a garage. “Will there be anything else tonight?” Lay asked not turning the car off. “No.” Dr. Yin got out of the car, he went to the driver side, tapped on the window. Lay rolled it down. “Don't get any funny ideas” Lay nodded his head.