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We haven't even fully reached evil yet but that shouldn't stop you from joining in on the fun!
Have you missed me killing the KpopINT staff? It's okay, you can still join the party!
Who's next on the list? Oh well, you'll just have to find out and read. As for the staff member..... I love you. :3
Hardworking and quiet, those were her perks- no a single complain escaped through her voice. She was kind and honest, and did everything thoroughly, and yet her heart always seemed to melt when she'd see him around. No- She wasn't on Sailynn's bad side, and no, she wasn't evil herself, but that didn't stop dear lil Sail from working her magic to crack Taemi's shell. <3
She watched him out of the corner of her eyes. His still unmoved state was more perfect than a statue in a Roman museum. It was okay if they didn't talk, it was even better if he didn't look up at her. But she couldn't say the same for the other two bodies in the room.
“Yaah. You're gonna get yourself and Taemi automatically eliminated if you don't leave the room.” Jojo complained. “Look at the poor girl, she doesn't want to be punished. She has to deal with Sail on a regular basis, and that's already enough punishment.”
“You suck Jojo,” Sailynn stuck her tongue out.
Jojo grinned before turning back to the quiet Yoongi who continued to swirl his french fry in the ketchup as if determining whether or not to kill it by drowning it in the tomato sauce or ending its misery by finally eating it.
“You have one of your biggest fans right in front of you. Shit, she almost cried when we all went to see you at KCON, I could literally see her soul escaping from her physical body and now you're gonna be a butt and make her lose this game? What's so hard about finding a stupid panda?” Jojo went on.
“Excuse me?” Sailynn growled. “Eco Panda is not stupid.”
“Whatever. Point is, you're being rude Min Yoongi, and as your noona, if you don't get up and at least walk around and pretend to hunt that panda, I'm going to tell Jinnie when he gets back!”
Yoongi looked over at her and slowly put the lone french fry out of its misery.
“Ugh! Fine! Forfeit! You two- go wait in the first floor lounge while the others get back!” Jojo fumed, pacing back and forth to keep herself from smacking the sugar cube.
Yoongi gets up, making Taemi get up as well, and they both walk out of the room, turning the corner to descend down the stairs and make their way to the lounge on the first floor. Taemi sat down on one of the couches while Yoongi took a spot on the opposite end of the same couch.
It was awkwardly silent. The joyous voices of the rest of the teams searching the building made the atmosphere in the room even more awkward. She couldn't blame him for not wanting to play. Truth be told, she didn't really want to play either but she had been around Sailynn and Jojo long enough to know that neither of them didn't know what the definition of chill was, nor did they care. When it came to pin pointing who the savages where, she'd have to somehow sneak her answer without getting caught.
Taemi folded her hands together and placed them on her lap, she clicked her shoes together, the fact that she was still managing to keep the white portion of her vans made her happy inside- as if she had beaten off of the odds against mother nature and her nasty weather habits and was still able to show the world that her shoes were clean. Today may not be the best day, nor the worst day, but at least her shoes were clean.
Taemi looked up, Yoongi was glancing over at her, his head slightly dipped as if to be bowing politely. “Sorry for getting us eliminated.”
Ah yes, she had almost forgotten that he was in the same room as her. That he was one of the few individuals that made her heart pitter patter as if she had run a marathon. How could she have forgotten? Was it because they were so quiet? Was it because she got distracted and immersed herself in her own little world again? Did it matter. He spoke to her. He was looking at her. Goodness gracious, he was beautiful.
“I-it's o-oka-ay.” Taemi managed to answer in a small mumble.
Yoongi sighed and leaned back into the couch, his hands folded and supporting the back of his head as it rested on the couch. He was a statue carved from more than just stone, pearl perhaps, if pearl was enough the right tone to describe his milky features. Is this what angels looked like?
“Are they always like this?”
She stared at his lips, their natural pink tint made her wonder how the hell he kept them so hydrated that they looked softer than his strands of hair. Maybe he wore lip masks, or use a special kind of lip balm. Or maybe it's maybeline. No no, they had to be natural.
Taemi jumped up at the sound of her name coming out of Yoongi's mouth. “Yes?”
Half of his lips stretched into a half smile. “Are they always this?”
“Evil Jojo and Sailboat.”
She giggled, “no, but I'm more scare of seeing them be nice to us than anything else. I heard Jojo is only nice to 97ers, hence why she keeps Sail around. And when Sail isn't savage, she's usually having a heart attack from fangirling too much.”
Yoongi smiled even more. “You seem to know them well.”
“Mmhmm, they're great. Everyone in the company is great. I like it here.”
Yoongi sat up and scooted over, turning his body to face her. “I've been meaning to tell you that I like your shoes. They're not converse. That's good.”
Taemi blushed brightly and glanced at her shoes. “Um, thanks. They're a few months old and I've managed to keep them looking clean.”
She could feel his gaze on her. Did she dare look back at him? Could her little fangirl heart contain it?
“Hold on, you have something on your cheek-” A soft fair finger brushed against Taemi's cheek, skyrocketing her heart beat to a level she never imagined it would reach. “Ketchup.”
She listened to him chuckle softly, the very noise creating goosebumps down her skin.
Everything fell silent again when she failed to respond and yet the feeling of being watched never left her side. It's like the tables had turned. At first she was lost, studying him, studying his features, and now, it was his turn to examine her. To study her as she tried to figure out how long it would take for her to just die on the spot after Yoongi himself touched her cheek.
“Hey, come back upstairs, we're gonna- oh. What is this? Yoongi oppa, what did you do to Taemi that's making her so red?”
Taemi looked up to see a mischievous grinning Sailynn standing not too far away from them.
“What are you talking about? She had ketchup and french fries, maybe it just makes her red,” Yoongi countered.
“Uh huh. And so did you. Is that why you two are sitting so close to each other? Trading secrets about how to make ketchup and fries a little.... better?”
“No.” Yoongi answered coldly. “I was complimenting her shoes that she was-.”
“Or maybe you're doing something else? Since, ya know.” Sailynn winked at Taemi, making her cheeks brighter than tomato red.
“Aishh. Let's go.” Yoongi shoots up and grabs Taemi's wrist, pulling her out of the lounge and away from Sailynn's pervy innuendos as if to save themselves before things could get even more awkward.
But through all that, it wasn't the fact that Sailynn was throwing pervy thoughts at them that made Taemi want to die in a hole right now, it was the fact that Yoongi held a firm grip around her wrist and was pulling her closely as they ascended back up the stairs and into the room. That skin ship was more than enough to make her want to die right there, right then.
That skin ship, was death.
Are you still breathing? Too bad! We're getting close to the end, so now the real evil can begin! ;)
3 down.
2 to go.
Say your prayers Sky! NamJesus won't be able to save you now this time. :*
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Im nice to 97ers? since when? lmao... aww little taemi and sugar cube... cute
I'm sorry guys BUt This is how the game is played.In fact I. AM. NOT. Sorry! @ SaiLynn IS EVIL Incarnite ! And She Writes so Well So l must See the resultes !!!
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no mija.. you're not evil... YOUR PERFECTION IN EVIL WAYS!!!
@LenaBlackRose You're so mean to him 😞😢
I ship it :3