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EXO Sci-Fi
JongIn laid in bed. For once he didn't feel anxious, he didn't feel as though his dreams were no longer a mystery. His dreams had been real. He fell asleep without worry. But there was one more thing his subconscious needed him to remember. He woke up to an alarm that would have woke the dead. It wasn't just any alarm. It was an alarm that screamed that he had to run. When he went to put his feet down on the ground, he found that they didn't reach. He slid off the bed and walked to the door. He stared at the door knob at eye level. Then he felt a hand grab his and they fled out the door. There was fighting going on down the hall so him and the other person ran in the opposite direction. “Hurry Kai, we have to hide!” It was Lay. Lay was pulling him along. They ran out of the house and out into the nearby fields. Kai couldn't keep up. His small legs stumbled in the dark but Lay would pull him up and they would continue. “What's happening?” Kai cried. “He found us. We have to hide, remember, we have to go to our secret place.” Lay answered “But what about daddy and uncle, can't they fight him, can't they stop him?” Lay stopped briefly, looking back at him, “They already are, now hurry!” “I don't want to run anymore, Lay… I don't want to run anymore” Kai whined. “We're almost there, Kai, then we can stop, okay” They got to the cave that they had found on one of their excursions. The entrance was small and hidden by some bushes so they had to crawl in. Lay searched for the lamp he had left there from before. The little cave lit up. They went to the very far back and sat. “How will our dads know where to find us?” His small meek voice echoed. “I don't know. But they've always found us before, right?” Kai acknowledged that. He sat close to Lay, shivering a little so Lay put his arm around him. They sat listening for anything that would tell them their dads were looking for them. Lay worried the monster from before was going to take them back to that place. It scared him more than anything. He looked at Kai, who yawned, his eyes getting drowsy. He couldn't let Kai go back to that. He remembered hearing their parents talking about separating them and going home. He didn't understand but it sounded serious because his mom started to cry, saying she couldn't do that. Kai suddenly clung to Lay, saying someone was coming. Then he jumped up and ran out, Lay grabbed for him but missed. He scrambled after him trying to grab for him. Kai was about to crawl out when Lay finally caught hold of his foot and pulled him back. “No Kai! Stay with me!” Lay whispered. “But it's daddy, he's here! Let me go!” Lay stopped for a moment, listening, then he felt it. That comforting feeling he often got when one of the parents or when the other boys were near. “Okay, but wait, let me go out first.” Lay said pulling Kai back behind him. Kai watched him crawl out cautiously. Then Lay called for him to come out. He crawled out and stood next to him. They stood there waiting but couldn't see or hear anything but someone was near, they could feel it. Lay pulled Kai back behind the bush and told him to stay quiet. He nodded and pressed his little finger to his lips. They seen someone appear all of a sudden and then disappear. Kai squeaked but Lay put his hand over his mouth and told him not yet. Then they heard someone running, coming closer and closer. Kai held onto Lay tightly, his little body starting to shake. Then all of sudden the bushes tore out of the ground in front of them. They both froze. Kai screamed. A being standing taller than his own dad with green eyes and long tentacles coming out of its back, stood over them. He felt Lay grab him by the collar, shoving him into the cave. Lay tried to crawl in as well but the monster grabbed him by the ankle and started pulling him back out. Kai grabbed Lay's arms, trying his hardest not to let the monster take him. Lay screamed, his hands digging into the ground, kicking his legs to get free. “NO LAY, NOOO” Kai screamed. But he couldn't hold on. “RUN KAI, RUN!” Lay cried out as he was pulled away into the dark. Kai crawled out and ran as fast as he could. Before he knew it, someone grabbed him. Kai kicked and screamed for help, swinging his arms and legs everywhere. “It's me, Kai, its daddy!” Kai continued to scream for help until his dad turned him around. “It's me, Kai, look at me.” He slowly opened his eyes. When he seen his dads face, he broke out crying even more. “Where's Lay?” “He took him…” he sobbed, “a monster took him!” Kai felt his dad's arms hold him, telling him it's going to be okay. Kai wrapped his arms around his dad. Then he felt a rush of cold air around him and they were someplace else. His dad put him down on the ground. “I have to leave you Kai. I have to leave you here but I'll be back for you when it's safe. You stay with these people, they'll keep you safe from the monster.” Kai turned around and seen his parents, the ones who took care of him for the last fifteen years, waiting for him. He walked over to them, his mother picked him up and carried him away. Kai looked back and seen his father crying before he disappeared into thin air. He woke up crying back in his bed, in his dorm room. He felt his dads love and heartbreak of letting him go. He got dressed and went looking for Lay.