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EXO Sci-Fi
Everyone got a text where to meet later on but Kai ignored it. He needed to find Lay. He didn't know where to look exactly. He asked Suho but Suho said that he didn't know either, they kept in contact by text and phone calls. That it was Lay that had approached him first. He wandered to Dr. Yin's office but he wasn't there. His secretary said he called off all his upcoming appointments unexpectedly. He called the number that Suho gave him but no one answered. He wasn't going to give up on this, Lay disappeared, he wanted to know, he needed to know how he got away. Kai decided to head to the meeting place. He walked along the street, watching everyone going by. Some of the younger girls would giggle and call him oppa. He rubbed his neck, a little embarrassed and smiled at them, making them giggle even more. He knew it was something he's going to have get used to. But it made him feel even more flustered when older ladies noticed his looks. Everywhere he looked, admiring eyes were watching him, male and female eyes. It made him even more nervous. He tried to walk faster, avoiding any more stares, thinking of only getting to his destination. The wind started to blow a little in his face, then it became cold, he pulled his hood up. The air turned and whirled around him. He heard a strange sound like a whooshing sound, before he knew it, he was standing in front of the building he was to meet the others. He looked around, no one seemed to notice. He thought to himself, he couldn't have walked that fast, he was still at least a mile away. He was going to take a taxi. “I was hoping, you wouldn't be able to do that yet.” He heard from behind him. He turned around, Lay stood a few feet away in the shadows, leaning against a wall. He drank the last of his soju down and dropped it on the ground. The bottle broke on impact. Lay looked down at the bottle. “If you were real, I'd fix ya…” he stumbled forward a little. He looked at Kai, his eyes squinting a little to focus. “Little Kai-ya… I wondered if you made it out alive. I wanted to go back but he wouldn't let me.” Lay stumbled back, leaning against the wall again. “My head hurts” he sighed, “my heart hurts.” “Where did you go? What happened, Lay, how did you get away?” Lay waved his hand in the air. Then he looked at his fingers, then he whispered, “I can't tell you, not here” He reached out to Kai, “Run Kai, run as fast as you can. The boogie man is going to get you.” “What do you mean?” Kai watched him as he started to slide down. He picked him up, he didn't want to take him inside, Lay was too drunk for that. So Kai thought hard about the one place where they'd be safe. The rush of cold air rushed around him again. They disappeared into the night air. Lay woke up with his head throbbing and not feeling well at all. He sat up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room. He could hear music playing from somewhere on the other side of the door. His stomach cramped hard. He ran for the trash can sitting by the door and threw up. He sat back on the floor, wondering where he was, he barely remembers talking to Kai. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled his phone out. There were numerous missed calls and text messages. Some he cared not to read. He already knew what they said. He gathered himself up and walked out the door. He walked down the stairs, following the music. It lead him to a room where he found Kai dancing fiercely by himself. Watching him, he remembered when they would dance together, him, Kai, and the others. Lay joined him. Copying his moves, move for move. Every body roll, spin and twirl, every step. When the music stopped, they were breathing hard, their hearts pounding, a smile on each of their faces. “I remember that,” Lay said, he sat on the floor, “I remember when the families would gather for a feast. Seemed like it was always during the full moon.” “I wish I could recall such events. I guess I must have been too young.” Kai sat across from him. “What did you mean?” “About what?” Kai pushed his hair back, wiping the sweat from his brow, “You said, Run Kai, the boogie man is going to get you. What did you mean by that?” Lay laid back. Then he sat up quickly, “I need to get back.” He stood up, checking his pockets, “Take me back.” “No, not until you tell me what you meant by that.” Lay looked around and seen the front door. He looked at Kai, trying to apologize without saying a word, he merely shook his head. He headed to the door. Then suddenly, Kai appeared in front of him, blocking the door. They stood staring at one another. Then Lay took Kai's face between his hands, leaned his head against his, “I want to tell you everything, but I can't. Please, take them away from here, run away while you still can.”
Poor Lay the forced spy.
Oh. Poor lay