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I'm the one that bounces around everywhere if you haven't noticed.... x3
So let's introducin' :D
Stage name: Sailynn (often referred to as Sail)
Position: Communications Executive and KpopINT's Ball of Sunshine! :D
Height: 5'5 (The perfect height for oppa). ;)
Birthday: March. :3
Favorite color: Hues of blue, and green, and a lot of earthy colors.
Favorite Korean food or snack: Lemme be basic and say Tteokkbeoki ♥
Animal: Panda...... panda. o.o :3
Favorite groups: Damn. Well, I am multifadom through and through but my #1 group will always be BIGBANG. <3 :3
UB- Ultimate Bias: o.o Well. I broke up with T.O.P. because he was going into the military, so that spot has taken up by GOT7's ball of sunshine- Choi Youngjae ♥♥♥♥
UW- Ultimate Wrecker: ........ Huang ZiTao. ♥

Quick fact~ You'll know it's me if I end my cards with that cute lil panda above. :3

Okay, now the juicy stuff!

What got you into kpop?
- Watching KDramas on Netflix and then getting caught up in the OSTs and YouTubing them to find a world that I've never known of.... :o
Who was the first kpop group you listened to?
- SS501! :D
Who was your first UB?
- SS501's Kim Hyun Joong
Who was your first wrecker?
- Damn. Hmmm. I think it's when I found BigBang and my wrecker became Daesung because T.O.P. stole my attention away from Kim Hyun Joong.....
What was you favorite KDrama?
- THUS FAR. Probably Playful Kiss, because it was my first drama ever. Mind you, I don't watch a lot of KDramas.... ><
Who is your favorite actor?
- Um. Um. Um. Lee Jong Suk is #1..... then Lee Soo Hyuk.... and that's all I can reveal because I have a black cat after me..... o.o
If you could see someone live who would it be and why?
- Honestly, I've seen BTS, I've seen Astro, and Monsta X, and a few others (Thanks to KCON), but I honestly want to see EXO. I mean, yes, I would love to see BIGBANG because they're my UB group and I know every song, I lowkey want to experience EXO. I feel that by experiencing EXO, I'll be able to take on BIGBANG without dying.
Whats your ringtone is it kpop?
- Well, I have different ringtones for different people but if a random person calls me then it's GOT7's Fly. ♥♥♥♥
First kpop album purchased?
- BigBang's Alive Album..... ♥

Who is your wallpaper? (Proof needed)


Why KpopINT?

Because they're all savages and they put up with my innocence! :3
Jk jk. :3
Because it's a place where one of us can be dying and they're all kind enough to show up to the funeral and say something nice about you. Honestly, KpopINT is one of the places where our purest form of fangirling can come out and it's okay.
It's also a place where I can murder people and get away with it. :3
But all in all, the staff members are amazing and sweet and hardworking and funny and savage and dorky and awesome.
The executives..... they're savage. But I love them anyways. :3

Okay, now the REAL juicy stuff! ;)

If you were stranded on an island with kpop group or person and one of the staff members who would it be and why.
Nana~ E-X-O. Why? Because I would love to push her at Chanyeol and Kai while I runaway with the troublesome trio of EXO and plot against the world. MUHAHAHAHAHAH :3
Jojo~ 2PM Why? Don't tell anyone, but Jun.K is probably one of Jojo's greatest weakness and even though I love Choco Panda (what I call Jun.K), I would ADORE to watch Jojo crumple while I kick it with the other members. ;)
Elayne~ BIGBANG Why? Because of recent events, I want to throw Elayne into the world of a VIP and watch her try to survive..... Muhahahaha. It's okay, I'll be there.
Shey~ BTS Why? Because there's a special member in the bunch that would love to get along with Shey and I want to be there when it happens. :3
Taemi~ BTS Why? Please click HERE for my explanation. ;)
Sky~ iKON. Why? Okay look. If you're gonna party hard with someone, I'd drag Sky into this. As for idols, I would always be down to party with iKON. Let's just say, it'd be a lit island. ;)

On a scale from Jojo to Nana with Sail in the middle what is your beauty knowledge?

I can wing my eyeliner but don't ask me to highlight and contour. How does one even.....?

On a scale from Jojo to Sail with Nana in the middle how much do you fangirl?


On a scale from Nana to Jojo with Sail in the middle how many actors do you know?

More than Nana and less than Jojo XD

So. Am I shippable with an idol? :o

Lemme know in the comments! :D

Thank you for reading! I look forward to be working for all of you! :D

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KpopINT "Targets" (Staff):
Whoooo Owl'n @elaynethtrumpet
Ahhhh Wolf @LenaBlackRose
Red Pandeu @ParkHwaYoung
Bun Buns @parktaemi
KpopINT FamBam~
B.O.B. <3 :3
And who else is on your actor list? now im curious
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tell me!!
YAH!!!! @Sailynn you didn't need to give away my weaknesses like that! This means war missy!!!!
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you're gonna get it
Hehe my first drama was also Playful Kiss on Netflix.
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YASSSS!!! Twinsies! 😄