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Kissed By Idols

This is why I'm single still. I spend 20 minutes in google just looking up idols sending me kisses... #singlepeopleproblems
Thank you Chem Darling.
Ravi you're so sweet
Jin, two fingers really?
Oh Xuimin that eyebrow raise
You kissed my eye Tae.
I'll lean in when you lean in
Oh, I'm flustered now.
Haha same though, hashtag forever alone cx cx cx
#singleforever #noonewantsme #getfitforoppa #foreveralone #waitingforoppa 😖😫😫😫😫
#getfitforoppa compain starts soon!!! 😎😎
I can't wait
XD so adorable they are! I can only do this in my dreams lol
ahaha now you can do it in kida real life instead of dreams!/, 😂😂
True. Also if the dreams are vivid holy cow o.o
heehee those are dreams, tbats real life! lol
Why are Ravi and Chen sending you my kisses? They be sending you comforting friend kisses? Or do I need to have a talk with them?
ahahHa, they are just friends. I know Ravi killed you earlier today. So thia waa more directed to you unnie 😎😎
Kisses 💋
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