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The first time I cried was after watching Grave of the Fireflies. The ending hit me like a ton of bricks (was not prepared). Which ones have made you cry?
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@ fruits basket had me crying both tears of sadness and joy. I agree with Chupachups, grave of the fireflies is a great movie, but really sad T.T
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I cried so much when I watched this anime .....good anime indeed
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I want to check out the one from this post. people say it is good, but it will stay with you for a while
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I just finished watching the movie and I have to say.... the ending broke my heart and made me depressed for hours. It was one of his finest works.
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fruits basket and this one had me crying well fruits bakery I cried. It makes me so emotional T_T and grave of the fireflies I recently watched and it had me feeling empty inside and a but emotionless nevertheless it got to me
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