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It's day 27 of the 30 day challenge and today is about the Scene you most enjoyed. My scene is probably not one one would expect to be my choice however it's my decision because of what it does for the anime and how it adds to it which is.

Kisuke vs Ichigo Flashback

During a flashback when Ichigo was fighting Renji he recalls his training with Urahara. This scene, this move in particular let me know Bleach was more under the surface than just hack slash big attack gg let's go home anime. It let me know Fights have actual combat placed in them. This is seen further down when Ichigo fights Kenpachi or Uryu fights Szayel, strategy is a factor and experience. As this is displayed you can understand that training matters and that you'll need to use your training to become a stronger individual. This scene also let me know studio pierriot was doing mad justice to the anime adaptation of the manga and they wanted you to fully enjoy the experience of watching Bleach.
So what's your favorite scene? I'd love to know leave a comment and let's start a conversation! Thanks for reading Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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the good bye rukia both times i love the first time in the rescue rukia arc. and i love the second time when ichigo lost his powers. it really touch somthing in my hear