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So Im stuck here.. I wish I didn't try to put a color background and had left it white... I don't want to start over 😰 what do you think? Should I paint the other shoe front gold too? Leave it, or paint it a different color?
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If you wanted to do a different color for the other shoe, I'd vote for a dark purple. Almost indigo. I think it would offset it nicely. Just doing them both gold is fine too, but I wouldn't leave the other shoe white.
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With dark purple?
you are such an amazing artist
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Thank you very muchh🤗
What if I paint over the mustard/gold color and try to get it white again?? Or like a REAALY light yellow?
I think you should just leave it white because it looks cute with two different color shoes, a gold and white.
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@AliyahHowell Oh ok lol, no problem :)
the shoes are so cute! :-)
Thank you very much! this is my first time doing this type of design 😇