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So Im stuck here.. I wish I didn't try to put a color background and had left it white... I don't want to start over 😰 what do you think? Should I paint the other shoe front gold too? Leave it, or paint it a different color?
you are such an amazing artist
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Thank you very muchh🤗
Wow this is good id so buy these white version please.! And i say go with the gold for the other one also just to make it even
Thank you so much! And thank you for commenting! (I actually do take requests btw.
the shoes are so cute! :-)
Thank you very much! this is my first time doing this type of design 😇
I think you should just leave it white because it looks cute with two different color shoes, a gold and white.
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@AliyahHowell Oh ok lol, no problem :)
If you wanted to do a different color for the other shoe, I'd vote for a dark purple. Almost indigo. I think it would offset it nicely. Just doing them both gold is fine too, but I wouldn't leave the other shoe white.
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With dark purple?
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