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We loved every SK telecom commercial BTA did this year. My personal favourite was their telephone minutes ad. So SK decided to release some photos that we didn't see while the commercials aired.
No matter how old BTS gets, seeing them in school uniforms will never get old. They stay looking good.
Their phone commerical was by far my favourite one. They danced and looked great! Jimin still had orange hair, Yoongi was mint, and Namjoon was full blonde. I enjoy those three colours together.
Their most recent commercial was too cute. While this reminds me od the echo box Amazon sells, I still want this version.
hmm I will say the last 2 were my favorite but not only my favorite commercials Cuz I love the chicken ones they did too
They look like they just stepped out of Ouran High School Host Club or Boys Over Flowers
Oh no!! I haven't watched any of their commercials, yet!!!! I need to do that now! They look so attractive in all those pictures 😍😍