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There is lots of talk going on about the other nights SBS Gayo Performances. (link to @Helixx card with more information regarding the matter) I have been able to find the full performance, mind you this is a fancam, for BTOB and just watch it all. All the way through. It will be hard. At many times did I want to turn the video off. You can clearly hear the sound issues. Since it ia a fancam we can't see the bad camera work. I'm not sure whether to feel sad, or outraged at the matter. BTOB are amazing with their vocals, dance, and rap. They killed the stage. Even with the fans chanting BTOB acted like nothing was ever wrong or anything was an issue.


With technical dificulties and all, they still killed the stage!

All I'm saying is they better get an apology.
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Oh wow, I hate it when idols have to perform with technical difficulties!!! 😩😩 But problems arise. I'm just glad that they still performed like nothing happened! They definetly blew the stage!
I had to stop the video. I couldn't even hear them. this is just crazy