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That put far away the evil day. We are taught not to borrow trouble. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” It is not right for us to look forward, imagining troubles that may come to us after a while, or even forecasting trials which we must meet by and by. The true Christian way of living is to do the duty of the present day faithfully and well, leaving all the issues in God’s hands. But if a man has a note of a thousand dollars to meet on a certain day, it will not do for him to put off all thought about the matter until the day comes to find him unprepared. He must get ready to pay the note when it falls due. We must lay up in summer days, when harvests are golden, for winter days, when it will not be possible for us to gather food. We must prepare for the days of old age by activity, diligence, economy, and carefulness in the days of early manhood. We must prepare for the day of judgement by living in such a way that when we stand before Christ we shall not be afraid.