For the next 24 hours, you can vote by tweeting the following hashtag – simply replace the blank with the name of your bias group:
As with the previous years, votes will be determined based ONLY on voting from Twitter in two 24-hour periods: Round One will begins NOW and will end tomorrow, December 29, 8PM KST, and Round Two will commence a few days later on January 5, 8PM KST and end on January 6, 8PM KST. The final winner will be determined based on the total number of votes/tweets sent between these two 24-hour periods. 
There are no restrictions on how many times you can vote, so be sure to get your tweets in! (Now’s the perfect time to write that fanfic shipping you and your bias 140-characters at a time – just kidding.) Fans who tweet will also be randomly chosen to win giveaway prizes (we have some awesome autographed albums this year, from groups like BTS, SEVENTEEN, BIGBANG, and more), so the more you tweet, the better chance you have at being selected!
So STORIA, let's do our best to the end to show our love for History! They need and deserve all the help they can get!!!


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yeah many have just put the team hashtag but they also sometimes include soompi awards. It'll still count either way as long as you post during the round.