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The evening with my parents went really well, they loved everyone. One thing I promised them was that I would spend some time with them while they were in seoul before heading back home. They were staying for a week so that didn't seem bad at all. Several days after work I let the guys go home and I went to my parents hotel. It was nice spending time with them but the end of the week came too fast and they left and went back home. I was a bit sad but someday I'd get to go back to there house and visit. The last time I went to there place was before my life completely changed. I remember the shock the day I got offered the job.


"I'll get right to the point. I figured the only way to nip this in the butt is to hire you as Suga's personal manager/assistant." "What?" I looked at Suga and his face was blank as he stared at me. "Suga told us what you had said on the train and if that girl wants to start something we are gonna nip it in the butt with making sure what you said is true." "What exactly will I be doing?" That was the main thing I needed to know. "Basically you will be with him everyday. You will keep him on track so he doesn't miss anything. He doesn't really need you making sure he gets places he's pretty good at it will be making sure rules are followed and if you need to ask any questions you just ask me." There manager said. "Ok so I need to quit my other job?" "Yes." Suga said I looked at him and locked eyes. I held my breath with how intense the stare was. It made my stomach do flips. His eyes were so beautiful. I opened my mouth and let out the air as I answered. "Ok." We kept staring at each other. "You'll start today. Suga you need to show her around."That's when Suga looked away. I finally could move. I looked at my new bosses. This was really happening. After a discussion on pay they left. It was just me and the 7 guys. "Ok give me one second here to fangirl." I said standing up. "Really?" Suga said raising an eyebrow "Yea." " You didn't do that for me?" "Oh I did I just waited till you couldn't see me." He smiled causing me to smile and then I quickly did a happy dance and squealed in excitement. "Omg I'm a huge fan and I love you guys your my number one group! You are all so freaking beautiful and talented!" I took a deep breath and they started laughing. "Ok I'm done." I sat back down.


I headed back home and when I got there Noone was there. That's odd. I turned on a light and walked into the living room. I sat on the couch and started texting. That's when I heard moaning.


I looked at my phone. Jiminie: Yoongi should still be there, we left to go to a movie and eat he didn't want to come. My heart dropped. I stood up and walked towards the room. It was clear what was going on as I stood outside the door.
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oh. shit. NOOOOOOOO!!! Dont!!! Please don't be what I am thinking is going on!! I hope he's sick with a stomach bug or bubonic plague or something.
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I don't know why I find that funny..but Yea I guess your right just so sick he can't leave the room....yup yup lol
😲😨Moaning?!! What?! Nooooo?!!! I'm with @FromBlue2U about the sick thing, but the bubonic plague had me rolling tho! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Yup! I moan like I'm dying too, when I'm puking my brains out!
WHAT!!! .. .WHT! o0o/ omg!!!
woah woah woah how could you leave us hanging like that
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maybe I'll be nice and update the next chapter tonight..maybe
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