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Finally, the time has come xD I don't have an official update schedule but trust me the parts will continue to be uploaded!!
If you need to catch up or start over you can find all the parts HERE.
Yoongi doesn’t know anymore. Whether it’s his tears or the water from the shower. He doesn’t know how long he’s been in here but the water had long turned cold. Shriveled up in the corner on the shower floor, Yoongi keeps his head tucked between his legs. He tries so hard but it’s inevitable. The image of the orange-haired youngster appears in his mind once more. Yoongi tries but fails to muffle himself as another sob forces itself out of him.
Why did he... What was wrong with him? Even after what Jungkook did, he still....
Yoongi replays the scene again for the countless time, his mind still cloaked in confusion. It’s like Jimin is right before his eyes again, pushing him away and shaking his head. The soft apologies that slip from his mouth that only pushed the daggers in Yoongi’s heart deeper. Then Yoongi was alone...again. The taste of Jimin was lost and replaced with blood as Yoongi bit his lip to stop the tears.
Yoongi can feel his body numb from the now frigid water. He’s close, Yoongi realizes, as he closes his eyes, the numbness spreading across his body. A little while longer and he would never feel anything again. A scary thought to most but to Yoongi it was relief from the pain.
Before Yoongi can sink into the darkness, there’s a light knock. Yoongi keeps his head down, paying no attention until he hears a soft voice. The voice that sprouts a flame in him giving him and his life warmth. Yoongi can’t help but lift his head up and give the voice his full attention.
“Um... Yoongi-hyung? You’ve been in there a while and Jin-hyung is getting upset. The dinner is gonna start anytime soon.”
There’s a pause and Yoongi finds himself holding his breath, waiting to hear Jimin’s soft voice again, to feel the fire inside him.
“Yoongi-hyung, I know I haven’t talked to you since...”
Another pause and this time Yoongi struggles to his feet and exits the shower quietly, to make it seem like he was still in the shower. He wraps a towel around him and leans into the door resting his ear against it until he hears Jimin’s voice again.
“I want to say sorry. I know you were just trying to help...but I still-”
Jimin chokes and Yoongi knows he’s trying not to burst into tears right there. Yoongi represses the urge to open the door and hug the younger but his body is like a statue, frozen in place. Silence settles between them and it’s a while before Yoongi finally responds.
“Jimin... I know this probably isn’t the best time to say something like this but...” Yoongi pauses, mustering up what little strength he had left in his voice.
“I love you Park Jimin. I always have. That's why I can't,” Yoongi spits out his next words, “I can't forgive Jungkook for how he treated you.”
Yoongi whispers it out, letting the words flow through the door. Yoongi wants to say so much more but decides it’s probably not the best time. He doesn’t wait for Jimin to answer as he yanks the door open. Yoongi’s face crinkles into confusion as he looks outside the bathroom, searching for Jimin. Out of the corner of his eye, Yoongi spots a figure rush around a corner. It’s quick but Yoongi saw a flash of orange.
Jimin....ran away?
Embarrassment consumes Yoongi and he scurries into his room, tears blinding his vision. He was an idiot. What did he expect Jimin to do? No matter what Jungkook did... Jimin would always choose him. The fire in Yoongi’s belly grows as he grits his teeth and slams his fist into the nearby wall. Sinking to the floor, Yoongi fists his hair as his the pain in his heart branch out across his body and overwhelm everything.
Why was this happening to him?
How could a person send his life spiraling like this?
Yoongi balls his fists up, his nails digging into his palms as he whispers the source of the pain.
Jin clutches the extra white towels toward his chest as he tries to catch his breath. Thoughts race through his mind as he tries to grasp what he just heard. He called for Jimin to help him while he went to drop off some fresh towels. Yoongi’s words repeated over in his mind. He jumps when a firm hand grasps his shoulder. He turns to see Namjoon gazing at him with a playful expression.
“Oh did I scare you Jinnie? What are you doing here standing around? You always get on me for doing that.”
Jin rolls his eyes and pushes Namjoon away when he tries to lean in toward Jin’s lips. He didn’t have time for this. He still had to finish dinner and on top of that he had to figure out what to do about what he just heard.
“Here take these,” Jin orders, handing Namjoon the towels, “ Put these in the bathroom by Yoongi’s room.”
Namjoon takes the towels without hesitation, but not without sneaking a kiss on Jin’s cheek. “No problem,” Namjoon turns to leave but inspects his boyfriend, settling on his head, “And take that orange beanie off. You look like Jimin. Makes me feel weird about kissing you.”
Jin sighs and ushers him toward the bathroom and makes his way to the kitchen to finish preparing the meal. However, Jin is unable to keep the words repeating over in the back of his mind. The words that Jin heard.
I love you Park Jimin. I always have. That's why I can't forgive Jungkook for how he treated you.
“Thanks for staying late with me again Hobi-hyung. I needed this extra practice,” Taehyung smiles, accepting the bottle from Hoseok.
Taehyung chugs the liquid as he sits beside Hoseok who's giving him a serious look. Taehyung doesn't think it suits him at all. However, he knew why Hoseok would probably feel concerned. This had been the seventh time he forced Hoseok to stay and practice with him. Taehyung averts his gaze and instead concentrates on the big mirror in front of them.
“Yah! Taehyung, what's going on? You know this choreography perfectly.”
Taehyung knew this question was coming but still can’t hide the dumb look he gives Hoseok as he shrugs his shoulders. He probably should’ve come up with some sort of excuse but his mind drew a blank as he stammered out a response.
“A-are you sure hyung? I think I still need some work.”
Hoseok’s face remained the same serious tone seeing right through Taehyung’s lie.
“Well don't you and Jungkook usually pair up and do this sort of things?” Hoseok paused and Taehyung sees his eyes light up as he smiles widely.
“Oh, I see. You were just looking for a way to spend more time with your favorite hyung. Well, I can’t blame you. I am pretty awesome huh?”
Hoseok breaks out in a fit of laughter as Taehyung grins, grateful that he didn’t have to come up with an excuse. His relief is short-lived though as Hoseok stops laughing and that serious look settles over his face again.
“But now that I think about it, you and Jungkook have been acting strange lately. You're always busy doing something while he's locking himself in his room 24/7. And for once, Jimin isn't all over Jungkook. And on top of that, I haven’t seen the three of you guys in one place. Did something happen?”
Taehyung leaps up and stretches, eager to get away from this conversation. “Yah hyung, you're weird. It's getting late. We should be heading home.”
Hoseok gives Taehyung one last look before grabbing his things and shaking his head. Taehyung knew his hyung was far from quitting but they both were too exhausted to continue. They made their way to the dorm Taehyung completely silent as Hoseok rambled on.
It had been three days since that moment in the living room. When Taehyung thought about it, it felt unreal. That night Taehyung was restless as guilt threatened to consume him. This was all his fault. Taehyung tried desperately to confront Jimin, to explain that none of this was Jungkook’s fault. That was easier said than done, though. Taehyung was practically nonexistent in Jimin’s eyes and that hurt more than anything. It was the same with Jungkook. When either of them did come into contact with him, there would never be any conversation. Jimin would shake his head and brush past him while Jungkook would simply keep his head down, not even looking him in his eyes. It was the closest thing to torture Taehyung had ever experienced. Taehyung sighs as he tunes Hoseok in.
“But I guess you all will have to work it out tonight.”
Taehyung turns his head to look at Hoseok as they stop in front of the dorm.
“What do you mean by that?”
Hoseok rolls his eyes as he mimics Jin, placing his hand on his hip, “Kim Taehyung, how many times do I have to tell you? Tonight we’re having a family dinner because I say so.”
Taehyung is certain he would’ve laughed his butt off at Hoseok if a wave of terror hadn’t washed over him. He did forget that today Jin scheduled a dinner where they all would sit around a table like a family. Taehyung can picture the scene and a wave of nausea crashes into him as he slowly follows Hoseok into the dorm. He waves Hoseok off noting his hyung’s advice to dress properly.
The dorm was literally a volcano, waiting from all the pressure that existed. With all the members in the same room, Taehyung knew the peace wouldn’t last. But this was going to happen sooner or later. Taehyung would make the most of this and finally apologize to Jimin and explain that everything that happened was his fault. He would have to let go of Jungkook.
I really can't understand why I ever stopped writing this. I already have plans for the plot that I hope you guys will like (or not lol). Well until then~
(p.s. taehyung is a literal angel and I hope he has an awesome birthday)
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