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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter one
Y/N's POV "Damn it Y/n take it easy!" Yifan snapped at you. "Well if you'd stop being such a little bitch and moving so much I could do this faster and it would hurt less." You snapped back. It was typical of you two to go back and forth with each other and the others would just kind of sit around and let it happen. You were known for being the only member that could stand up to Yifan and it had more to do with your 'magic lady parts' than anything else. "I can't believe they tried to kill me. One of them tried to kill me." Yifan said. "Now don't go making up shit in that thick skull of yours." You said pressing a finger to his head and making him glare at you. "So you want me to ignore what happened back there?" He said. "Of course not but what happened could've just been a fluke, a mere coincidence just like that metal catching to the bag." You said. You pulled the rest of the bullet out of him and placed it on the cloth on the table. You went to sew up the wound with a needle. "They're the best snipers and one of them just happened to fuck up?" He said. "Everybody is human Yifan. Honestly you're getting paranoid. We've been a family for three years now, they're like brothers; why would they pick now to try and kill you?" "Y/n I've know men that have turned their backs on their so called family and they've been together for five years or seven or ten. In our business even brothers kill brothers." You straightened up and looked at him. He had a point but still there was no way Junmyeon and Sehun would've taken that shot to kill him. You sighed, "Okay fine let's say hypothetically they were trying to kill you, you just said they're the best snipers if they were trying to kill you why not a bullet to the head? Why take the risk of shooting a none fatal area and you surviving?" You said. "So you think someone else took the shot?" You groaned at his stubbornness. "Try and listen damn it, a number of things went wrong but we all made it out alive and mostly everything went according to plan. It could've just been the matter of the officer shifting right when they pulled the trigger or the fact that he fell with the first bullet and one of them pulled the trigger just slightly off sync. Yifan look at me," You lifted his chin so that he would look at you. "The twelve of you are family, brothers. You were hit by accident no way in hell Junmyeon or Sehun would dare to kill you and if they were going to at the very least they'd aim for a kill shot, don't you think? So would you stop over thinking things and just relax, you'll open your wound again." He looked away annoyed but then sighed. His hands slowly found your waist and pulled you into the space created by his open legs. You smiled smugly knowing he wanted you. He laid his head on your chest and said, "Thank you for taking care of my wound. Your bed side manner is shit but at the very least you know what you're doing." You chuckled and lifted his head so he was looking up at you from between your breast. "My bed side manner is gold Yi Yi but I have a different way of showing it." "Mmm, come show me some of it lioness." He said biting his bottom lip. You dipped your head down and kissed softly him. He took your bottom lip between his teeth and let it run out slowly. You both opened your eyes to see each other looking back. "I take it back, your bed side manner is excellent." You laughed. "Maybe I should get shot more often." He said. "Please don't." you said putting up your tools that you used to sew up his wound and remove the bullet. "I'll consider it, if you do me a favor." "What's that?" You said turning around. He patted his lap and said, "Come sit on daddy's lap." You chuckled, "That's still too much for you right now but how about I give you something else." You walked over to him and unzipped his pants. You pushed his boxers down and pulled out his hardened heat. Your hand started to move up and down slowly as he groaned deeply. "You're too good to me Y/n." He said smirking at you. You chuckled and dipped down and opened your mouth and took him in it. Your tongue swirled around his heat and his hand met your hair so he could push you up and down at the pace he wanted you to go. His head went back and he moaned your name.... Junmyeon's POV "Okay what the Fuck happened back there who were you aiming at?" Junmyeon flipped on Sehun. "Me? What about you? I shot the cop." Sehun said. "No way, I killed the cop! My gun was on him the entire time I told you to keep watch of the others." Junmyeon snapped. "I was but with them not moving and the others trying to get out I put my aim back on the cop. I know I shot him Junmyeon." Sehun argued. Junmyeon had his doubts, there was no way he shot that cop he had his gun on him; he shot him right in the chest. Both Sehun and him pulled the trigger at the same time. He knew there would be punishment for this but he didn't know what. The pissed off voice Y/n had over the radio had him paranoid. Junmyeon was normally the calm type he could easily laugh in terrible situations but when it came to Yifan there was always a tense aura about him. He constantly worried if Yifan would kill him, in the past he'd messed up his trust once and now with this incident there was no doubt Yifan would be pissed, best case scenario he got strapped down to a chair and Yifan went to town on his face. He knew for sure he shot the cop; Sehun probably just wanted to protect himself. He could take a few hits and not give a damn, he was a tough kid. Junmyeon was tough himself but Yifan was his limit. He knew how to fuck with his mind. He was stressed out all the way to the base, they were supposed to go see Yifan immediately once they arrived. They were seated in his office and asked to wait for him until after Y/n had patched up his wound, knowing them she was doing a little more than nursing him back to health which gave him time to figure out how to get himself out of trouble. He had no way to prove that he didn't shoot him though aside from blaming Sehun. Sehun had to have hit him though, Junmyeon never missed. "Sehun if you shot him by accident just say it." Junmyeon said. "Junmyeon I understand you're the leader of Team B but I don't know how many times do I have to tell you I shot that cop there's no way I aimed at the boss I saw my bullet hit him." You said. "In the heat of the moment, you could've gotten mistaken and saw my bullet hit him." Junmyeon argued. "Hyung why is it so possible for you to believe I shot the boss but that you didn't? You're just as capable of making a mistake." He said. Junmyeon shook his head. "Did you forget someone else was supposed to be on that roof with us that showed up late? We can't be the only ones getting in trouble for this." Sehun said. "Yet both of us are sitting in this room waiting to be judged." Junmyeon huffed. No doubt he was paranoid, a million things were running through his head and after this meeting he'd need a round or two with Y/n just to keep his head on straight. Sehun's foot kept tapping as they waited in Yifan's office for him to show up. Back long before Exo was formed and they were all in training, Yifan and Junmyeon had to prove their skills to be the leader of the group. Yifan had proved without a shadow of a doubt he was a far better leader than Junmyeon. Junmyeon thought through his decision and made judgment calls well but his skills as a sniper were more valuable than him as a leader. Yifan was able to give off an intimidating vibe as well which helped in his favor when it was time for SM boss to pick the leader of Exo. Junmyeon was given his leader position later on when they split the groups into exo-m and exo-k each group had a leader and five other members and Y/n just so happened to be an added piece later on in the game. She moved where ever she was needed. In a game of chess, she was definitely the queen free to move where ever she wanted however she wanted and she protected her King well. Though everyone was aware who Y/n really belonged to and even who she was long before Yifan had taken her in, Junmyeon found her fun to play with and had grown a certain attachment to her. Where he slightly feared Yifan he adored Y/n and everything about her. She was the one. If he could appeal to her, she might be able to get Yifan to back off but he had to do it well. He couldn't afford making Yifan even more suspicious than he was now. Still, how was she taking all of this? She was all about the group being a family she'd said that for years and she'd grown attachments to each one of them no matter how forbidden it was. Was she still thinking that they had tried to kill Yifan or was it that she thought it was a simple fuck up like everything else that happened today? If she thought it was a mistake, he could talk his way into getting her to settle Yifan down; if she thought they were trying to kill Yifan, he was a dead man. How could she be so loyal to a man that did that to her? Right, she couldn't remember. Anything beyond three years was a blur in her mind and nothing was coming back and she didn't seem to be searching for it either. She'd made it to the point that blood and death didn't effect her, she was calculating, intelligent and she knew how to use her sex appeal to get to men; it's how she got to Yifan, it's she got him. Moments passed by and he had decided he could make a plea with her and how he'd do it as well as saving Sehun's ass in the process. No matter what, Junmyeon had always looked out for Sehun because he was the youngest member and he was sure that he hit Yifan but he was positive it was an accident that he wasn't going to admit out of the same fear of Yifan. He'd rather take a equalled out punishment then a full one. Sehun was one to endure punishment having been subjected to torture techniques the majority of his life, he could handle just about anything that came his way... Y/n's POV "Ahh! Shit!" Yifan panted. "Fuck." He cussed again pushing your head down on him making you choke. He let you come up for air and then had your head bobbing on him again. "I'm gonna cum baby. Drink it all up." He moaned. You hummed to show that you were going to obey and you felt him twitch in your mouth. Suddenly he released everything inside your mouth and you forced yourself to swallow him down. "Fuck baby girl." He said as you straightened up and wiped your lips. He crushed his lips onto yours. He kissed you hard and long, his body coming down from the wonderful high. You pulled away lightly pressing your finger to his chest and then you said, "Look we need to go talk to the boys will you promise to be on your best behavior?" "You know me Y/n I can't just let this go." He said. You shook your head, "You're being paranoid and you I can't let you punish them until things have been dealt with." "Then what do you suggest Y/n?" He said. You smiled, "First I suggest you put your shirt on." You walked over to the opposite table and threw his shirt in his face. "Then you let me do the talking. Still- they did kill that officer which means we'll have to tread carefully. Tell them you're punishing them for that, and that they're on probation." You said. "Junmyeon will get paranoid." Yifan said lowly "Yeah well I think you're paranoid enough for the both of you. Look just let me deal with Junmyeon and Sehun. I'll find out whether or not it was an accident." You said. "Even a guilty man will say he's innocent Y/n." Yifan said. You nodded, it was true but you were smart and a smart woman was something more to fear than a friend turned enemy... You and Yifan headed to his office once he had his shirt back on and his pants buttoned up. You escorted him into the office and he sat down, "Once the money is all here we'll split everything up how it needs to be." Yifan started out. "Yes sir." Both boys said in unison. "Regarding the manner in which I was shot-" his annoyance was coming out. You bent down in his ear and whispered, "Behave yourself Yifan, remember they're family." He sighed, "While I'm sure it was an accident you two can't go unpunished. An officer was killed and we needed very little casualties as possible." He said. "That cop would've shot at either one of you we saved you." Junmyeon said. "Yes you did and we're both grateful for that but the fact is that you killed an officer. The investigation into the heist is going to come down harder now, this is why we didn't want casualties especially not cops. Simply hitting him in the leg or arm would've been fine but you shot him in the chest. Now we have to get SM boss to make evidence disappear and no doubt he'll want someone to be punished for screwing things up." "A lot of things went wrong today Y/n." Sehun spoke up. You turned to him, "I'm well aware of that, one of them being Yifan getting shot. I'm not even going to begin to discuss the problem with that, the important thing right now is that the money was taken and Chanyeol and Tao should be headed back to the base soon. We sent the others to start counting the amount hopefully we didn't screw that up either." You said. "So what's the punishment?" Junmyeon asked. "I'll discuss that with you later without the presence of Y/n. For now I'm putting you two on probation until things are settled." Yifan said emphasizing the fact that it wouldn't be easy for them to get out of it with your aid. You rolled your eyes and Yifan dismissed the men. You looked to Yifan, "Whatever you're going to do Y/n I suggest you do it quick. I care about you but I won't wait for long." He said. You nodded and walked out the door. You headed down the hall where you saw Junmyeon biting the back and his thumbnail. "Junmyeon." You called to him. He looked up at you as you walked over and he kicked himself off the wall. He immediately took you into his arms and kissed you. You kissed him back with a little smile and you wrapped your arms around his neck. "I knew you were all pent up." You whispered. "Yeah and I need you to release all this stress baby girl." He whispered back. He walked you into his bedroom and flipped you around, pushed you and he pressed you up against the wall. He unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down, his hand smoothed over your ass before he smacked it. "Ah fuck, you're so strong daddy." You moaned playfully. "That's right baby girl." He came and pressed his lips against your neck and kissed you; he brought his hand around your body playing with your clit while you said, "God, I love it when you call me that." "Yeah baby girl? Does he call you that too?" You knew he was referring to Yifan. Honestly the subtle rivalry they had was as healthy as it could get. They fought like brothers, they were close but they could piss each other off and they were always trying to one up each other. "He does sometimes but he much prefers Lioness." You said in a sultry voice. "Tonight you're my baby girl, you understand?" He brought his hand around your neck squeezing just slightly. You nodded, "Yes daddy." He pulled you off the wall and threw you on the bed. You bounced slightly off the bed because of how hard he'd pushed you down. He opened your legs immediately and he started to lick up your slit. His tongue moved rapidly in crazy directions making you scream pleasure into the room. You brought your legs around his head. "Oh my god! Yes! Fuck yes." You moaned out loud. He pushed two fingers inside of you, pumping into you quickly. His fingers curled and your hips went up trying to get more from him. His mouth didn't stop the attack on your clit, sucking and popping off your clit while his fingers fucked you amazingly rough. "Fuck!" You said arching off the bed. He pulled his fingers out of you stopping all stimulation to your on coming orgasm. You looked down at him and whimpered at the loss. Your hands came to his shoulders to squeeze them. He kissed you while he unbuttoned his shirt and you held brush it off his shoulders. Your fingers ran over his shoulders and down his back loving every muscle of his body. "You're so damn sexy." He said between kisses. "Hurry up and Fuck me." You said impatiently. He slapped your ass making you yelp. "Learn to ask nicely baby girl." He said. "Daddy please, fuck me." "Of course baby girl." He said before he flashed you a smile. You chuckled at how he melted to you calling him daddy. He was always so rough when he was tense and you were looking forward to it, considering Yifan only got his fun. He pulled off his pants and his boxers and kicked them away. He found your entrance and slammed into you making you scream. He kept moving, allowing no time to adjust. Your walls closed around him and you felt him rubbing against you so well. His hands were on your hips and he pulled you down hard on him with each thrust. "Oh fuck! Yes daddy! Junnie- you're so fucking good!" You screamed. You tried to cover high pitched moans while he continued to ram into you hard and fast. "I'm gonna cum daddy." Your body tightened around him and you were breathing so heavy, you wrapped your hands around the back of his neck pulling him close. The bed rocked into the wall with his pace he was going. He'd lifted your legs onto his arms. "Come on baby girl fucking come for me." He groaned out between hard thrusts. "Junmyeon!" You screamed. You came down hard on him; you tightened around him, your body shook and jerked. Your back arched off the bed as your broken moans died down. He started moving in you again, "No please don't." You whined. "I need to come too baby isn't that why you came to me?" He said. "Oh my god. Junmyeon." Your body was going crazy from him riding into you still. He sucked on your neck while he continued to drive into you. "Look at my baby girl all fucked out." He said. "Ohhh Daddy." You whined. He finally pulled out of you and he began to rub himself until he finally released on your stomach. You caught your breath but your body was still sensitive. Junmyeon laid down beside you with a satisfied sigh. You ran you fingers down your stomach collecting his seed on your fingers and bringing it to your lips to lick up with him watching. His hand came to your cheek, his thumb ran back and forth on your cheekbone. "Junmyeon, what's got you so nervous?" You said lightly. "Yifan. He let us off the hook kind of easily." He answered. "So?" "I feel like he's planning something against me. Do you think one of us shot Yifan?" You shook your head, "No you both are excellent shooters. If one of you wanted to kill him you would've killed him." "Unless someone wanted it to look like we tried to kill him." He said looking up at the ceiling. He ran his hand through his hair, his second sign of stress but with a lot more worry added onto it. "What are you saying?" You said sitting up. He looked up at you and touched your face again, "It's possible someone is trying to start something within the group, raise suspicion or something to get us to turn on each other." "W-well even so, that would mean it was still an inside job Junmyeon. No one outside of SM should've known about the heist today. In fact, no one outside of this group should've known; if you're claiming it's a set up, that means someone in the group is against us." "Maybe someone is." He muttered. You sighed and got up off the bed, "Where are you going?" He asked. "You know the rules." "Has he actually decided our punishment yet?" He asked. "No and for now I'm keeping him at bay just behave yourself, will you? I don't need anything happening to this family. Do me a favor, don't go spreading that theory around, it might cause more harm than good for all of us." You said. He nodded and you finished redressing before you walked out of the room. Junmyeon didn't like to watch you leave you knew that. There was some part of him that liked you, maybe he wasn't in love with you but he liked you. He wanted you all the time. He hated that you went back to Yifan, he wanted you to stay the night with him but the rule was you had to return to Yifan. That made it easy to get him to talk to you though, his theory was a bit interesting too. Was someone else on top of that roof with them? You needed to find out what Sehun knew before you went back to Yifan, you just couldn't be as loud with him as you were with Junmyeon...
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