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Okay so i got a message asking if i thought Sasuke deserved to be alive after all the damage he has done. I honestly say he shouldn't because he was most likely more of a villian than Itachi although Itachi was the cause of his pain. Naruto obviously didn't want to lose his best friend so that's why he spent mostly the whole series looking for him. But i just don't think everyone should've accepted him so easily in the end. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT SASUKE?? GOOD OR BAD?? _Jizeru
I think he was radical and misguided, but I don't think I'd say he was bad. He was manipulative, vengeful, and made sacrifices, was subjected to bad influence after bad influence, but ultimately tried to do what he thought was right. Through his final battle with Naruto, he came to understand a lot, including how maybe he was going about things all wrong, so now he's trying to make amends. I think he had good intentions, but as much as he's a genius, he was also an idiot and a fool.
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im glad you said this because i didnt want to type it
I just wished we saw a lot more of sasuke I've always liked him good and bad and I also wish he had more encounter with Naruto lol
don't like him that much I love Naruto Sasuke is poop x (
@AngelMartinez1 true this is why i like hearing what others think about 馃憦
Luckily he didn't fall victim to the curse of hatred he just wanted vengeance
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