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Chapter 15

The Past Reshapes the Future ---Four Years Ago--- It had been nearly three months since Jungkook had been at school. During that time the nickname that he had unintentionally given Kurim had stuck. "Cream", Kurim smiled reminiscing on that day. She had grown fond of it and her classmates too. They had also given Jungkook the nickname of "Cookie" which was expected due to his name. They also liked to put them together and call them "Kookies and Cream" as if they were some sort of ice cream flavor. But that didn't bother her anymore. During that time Kurim had developed a small crush on Jungkook. She had come to the decision of confessing. This would be the first time she had confessed to a boy. She was so nervous, her hands were trembling. She had practiced all night in front of a mirror but actually doing it in front of his face was wrecking her nerves. Jungkook and her shared the last class of the day. She was tapping her foot on the floor so fast and just staring at the clock slowly counting the minutes left to get out. It was Friday and it seemed everybody couldn't wait for the bell to ring. They were as anxious as Kurim but they just had a different reason. Finally, the bell rang making everybody happily jump out of their seats. Kurim got up too, watching Jungkook from the distance and waiting for the right time to get him alone. She finally caught up with him outside. He was contemplating the field were the football team was practicing, as if saying goodbye. The wind blowing his perfect, black hair. "Jung?" Kurim asked softly bringing Jungkook out of his daydream. "Kurim?" Jungkook asked surprised a small smile forming on his lips. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" Asked Kurim tapping her foot on the ground. "Yes" Jungkook said noticing the nervousness on Kurim's face. "I- I wanted to tell you something" said Kurim fidgeting with her fingers. "I don't know how it happened but it just happened. I- I like you Jung. And I was wondering if you like me too?" Kurim said avoiding Jungkook's eyes while blushing. It was still hard for Jungkook to understand much English but he understood what Kurim was telling him. She liked him. Jungkook didn't know what to do. Why did she have to do this right now? Why so late? "Kurim, I...I'm sorry" were the words that finally came out of his mouth. "I'm sorry" were the words that reverberated on Kurim's mind before the tears came streaming down her face. "It's okay, Jung" said Kurim taking a step back and quickly cleaning a tear from her face. "It's okay if you don't feel the same. I just needed to let you know." She said before turning from him and running away. "Kurim, wait!" Were the last words she heard from him.
---Present Time--- Kurim's was brushing her teeth while thinking on the kiss she had shared with Jungkook a couple of minutes ago. "Aish!" She screamed spitting toothpaste all over the sync and scratching her head. "Why? Why did I do that?" She asked her reflection on the mirror. Flopping down the bathroom floor messing her hair with her hands she once again asked herself, "Aish! How am I gonna face him tomorrow?" Kurim came into the shop to find Jungkook already there with a big smile plastered on his face. "Hi, Kurim!" Said Jungkook waving his hand and smiling widely. "Hello" answered Kurim avoiding all eye contact. "Did you sleep well?" Jungkook asked, getting closer to Kurim, so that only she could hear. Jungkook reached to caress one of Kurim's hands taking her by surprise. "Why are you doing?" Kurim asked startled, quickly moving away her hand while making sure Mrs Lee wasn't watching. Jungkook just smiled and put his hands on his pockets, "did you have a good night?" He asked in the cutest way possible making Kurim blush bright red. "Can you, please, don't do that right now?" Kurim whispered to him. "What?" Jungkook asked giving her puppy eyes. "Aish!" Exhaled Kurim moving away from him. Jungkook chuckled watching Kurim move away. He had never seen her this uncomfortable. He found it extremely adorable. And for some reason that just gave him more reasons to keep being childish.
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