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BoyxBoy Angst Fluff


hello my fellow vingler so I'm going to be making oneshot for now because I don't have time to make full story and I know how much it suck to wait for the next parts but for now enjoy these oneshot I make for now. as for this story it was intended to be a smut oneshot but took a turn... thinking about making the smut scene separately for those who don't want the smut they can just read this and other who want smut could read the squeal which will only be the smut scene lol still thinking about it.
“Hyung! Hyung!” I never knew how it felt to have a broken heart… I never thought that I'd fall in love so hard it hurt this bad… “I love you Kim Namjoon” But who would have thought “I love you too baby girl” That your heart could break so easily when you watch the one you love whisper loving words to someone else. How did I end up falling for you hyung… how did you manage to steal my heart away without me realizing it… how didn't I notice how much my heart yearn for you… why do I feel like crying so bad… why did I have to see this happen right in front of me “Oh, hey Jimin” No please, don't come towards me, please don't acknowledge me… don't look at me with those glistening eyes of yours and that warming smile follow by those beautiful dimples. “How long have you've been standing there?” Since the moment you both confess your love for each other… “I just got here actually” God my throat hurts… “hey are you okay?” Please stop it Namjoon don't get so close to me.. please don't make such a worrisome faces… “Erph.. I'm fine” “you sure you look kinda pale and your eyes are kinda red.. are you getting a fever?” Please don't make my heart beat like this, hyung…. “you don't feel warm to me.. hmm” if only you knew how much you just made my heart flutter just by pressing our forehead together. “Jimin what's wrong your eyes are getting watery are you in pain?” Yes “no…” "Are you sure? Does it hurt anywhere?” Yes…. My heart “no h-erph hyung.” God It really hurts... “Jimin is something bothering you, you know you can come to me I'm here for you” Please stop, you're only making it worse… “Jimin please talk to me” “I said I'm fine!” forgive me hyung, forgive me for pushing you away like this, but please don't give me such a heartbreaking express like that... forgive me for acting this way… “Jimin I know something wrong please let me help you” Why are you still offering to help me after I shoved you away! why!? “but you can't hyung” God it feel like someone grabbing onto my throat that it's getting hard to speak. “what do you mean?” “you can't help, because you can’t change what the heart want hyung” “did someone do something to Jimin!?” “Yes… someone did… Hyung… someone very close to me” “who!? Who did jimin!?” “ he broke me hyung” “he who? Jimin?!” “but even though he broke me i still can't let him go” “Jimin what are you?…what are you talking about?” . . . You broke my heart without even trying too… the sweet friendship you've given me that has cause me to fall in love with you like a fool. “Jimin why are you crying! please talk to me!” “I'm sorry hyung” “Who hurt you tell me!?” “it's was- it was you...” “what… Jimin I-” And just like that he knew just by staring into my eyes he read everything that my heart said every ounce of pain that he brought just by him holding onto my hand… just by having him in front of me… just by looking into my eyes he caused me so much pain… But no matter how much it hurt, even though he knew how I felt it about him, it still wouldn't change anything “Jimin… I'm Sorry” Not how he felt towards me… “I'm sorry I've caused you so much pain” Because what my heart wants is something I'd never be able to get… because he's in love with someone else. “your very important to me jimin..” Here it comes… I don't think I'd be able to bare the pain from hear those words… “please hyung” “I don't want to lose you either or ruin our friendship, Jimin” Please don't explain anything just walk away from me… forget everything, please hyung it hurts… “I care for you Jimin but I can't return you those feeling.. I'm sorry” “i-it's o-okay h-hyung haha… erph I was just playing around…” And even though I said that with a forced smile he could see right through it and see the aching tears that are close to escaping. “Jimin…” “don't worry about it I'm fine…” Why must you always manage to make my heart flutter but break so much…. “Where are you going Jimin?” I can't stay here, I can't hold back these tears anymore. “I'm going home hyung” there i go again, forcing a smile just for him. “Jimin please forgive me… please don't hate me” “I couldn't never hate you, even if I wanted too hyung” You always manage to break me down… to make me crying so foolishly in front you hyung, why must you always make me show you this ugly side of me… “I wish I knew how to make the pain go away jimin...” “just lie…” “lie?” “lie to me and tell me it's okay hyung” Lie to me and tell me everything going to be okay… please… just tell me it's okay. Don't apologize, don't try to fix it… just say ‘it's okay’ “Jimin-” “Hyung..” I love you... so much But I'd rather keep these feeling for you to myself and stay by your side as a close friend then to confess to you completely and lose you forever… “forgive me..hyung” Hyung is it wrong of me to love you… “it's okay… it's okay jimin” Just tell me it's okay..... Kim Nam joon… _____ 3 months later. “ready one two, one two” Jimin instructed. “YaH! Left foot first then you swing your right arm but stop mid air don't swing it all the way!” Jimin shouted at Namjoon frustratingly. “I'm trying… don't yell at me Jimin you know how hard it is for me...” said namjoon as he tried to catch his breath. “Hyung I’m sorry i didn't mean to yell at you” “it's okay… I would be annoyed of myself too” Namjoon said as he raked his hair back. “no it's not that Hyung, you had it down perfectly yesterday” Jimin tried to comfort his hyung as he patted Namjoon on the shoulder. Namjoon smirk at Jimin as he shrugged his shoulder, causing Jimin hand to slip right off. Jimin arch a brow at Namjoon sudden cockiness. sudden the air change as the mood became tense. Namjoon walk towards the laptop and press play on the music. Jimin eyes widen as his jaw drop open as he was shocked to see Namjoon body moving to the beat of the music. with a shift of his feet followed by quick spin around and the look of confidence within namjoon eyes that burned with passion as he watched Jimin eyes that followed his every move. Namjoon smirk when he finally end the dance with a pose. “but.. what… you.. and how.. you… What!?” Jimin was tongue tied, he was so shocked he couldn't speak. “did I impress you Jimin?” “did you mess up on purpose earlier?! Hyung” “of course, it was all part of the plan” said Namjoon with a cunning tone of voice. “what plan?” “to impress you and show you how much I've improve, aren't you proud of me” Namjoon said all cheeky. “aish… you.. aish” Jimin rolled his eyes while slight nodding his head “you work hard hyung” Jimin smiled shyly as he nudged Namjoon with his shoulder. “it's all thanks to have such a great dance teacher like you” Namjoon complimented as he ruffled Jimin silver hair. Jimin face flushed red as he look away from his elder. “psh… well I couldn't have done it without having such a excellent student like you hyung” “ayy Are you blushing?” Namjoon teased “no!” Jimin deny as he turn his back on Namjoon. “you are!” Namjoon continued to tease Jimin as he grab him by his shoulder. Jimin covered his face with his hands as Namjoon tries to get Jimin to face him. “let me see!” Namjoon taught as he tried to remove Jimin hands from his face. But Jimin continued to fight him off as he could feel his whole face burning hot red. “YaH hyung!” Jimin cooed “I'll leave you alone when you show me your cute pink face” Namjoon continued. “I said No-” suddenly Jimin trips over his own foot and falls backward. Namjoon wraps his arm around Jimin’s waist; Jimin grabs a hold of Namjoon shirt causing Namjoon to lose balance and fall forward on top of him. Jimin slowly opens his eyes to find Namjoon above him, his eyes widen and his face turns a type of red all over again. “are you okay?” Namjoon asked worrying as his arm was behind Jimin head. Jimin didn't release Namjoon had use his arm to block his head from hitting the floor. Jimin gulps as he nods his head yes, while Namjoon sigh heavily. Jimin glance at Namjoon face as he admire every imperfect perfection. Jimin notice The sweat that slide down Namjoon brow towards his neck. Suddenly Jimin begin to feel hot as he began to stare into Namjoon loose shirt that expose his Broad chest, so drenched with a thin layer of sweat as he watched the way it moved before Jimin realize various of thought ran through his mind as he bite down onto his lips. “erph!” Namjoon cleared his throat. Jimin quickly snap out of his thought as he tried to sit up but ended up headbutting with Namjoon. “Ow!” they cried in a unison. Sitting down side by side as they rubbed their forehead, they turn to look at each other then started laughing really hard. “You're dangerous to be around with, hyung” Jimin states jokingly “me?! You're the one who headbutt me” Namjoon protested as he continued to laugh. “excuse me for trying to get up” said Jimin sarcastically “will sorry but You were laying on my arm! So you're excused” Namjoon huffed with a playful tone of voice “will sorry for falling” “you. Wait.. how.. What?!” namjoon was dumbfounded by Jimin adorable self he couldn't help but smile so much it hurt his cheeks whenever Jimin was around. “exactly I win” Jimin laughed happily “aish you're so cute” Namjoon said as he ruffled Jimin hair again hen Lied back down onto the dance floor. Jimin followed behind with a smile and pinkish cheeks. Staring at the ceiling as they tried to catch their breath when slowly they turn to face each other. Their smile slowly begins to vanish as their eyes met. Jimin eyes become defenseless as he stared deeply into Namjoon eyes that become so tense and wantonly. “um h-hyung-” “shhh” Namjoon cut him off as he slowly reaches over and leans in closer. Jimin could feel his heartbeat racing as Namjoon got closer, The feeling of Namjoon raking his finger through jimin hair as he slowly begins to close his eyes. Could this really be happening right now? Is this reality or a dream? Whatever it is, be it real or some wonderful dream Jimin didn't want to be awaken from it or to stop it. Just an inch closer and their lips could have met but a knock was heard and Their eyes shot open as Namjoon quickly moves away. “knock knock, guess who?” a female voice was heard. “hye-su!” Namjoon Called out happily as he rushed over towards the slight open door. “Joonie!” hye-su shouted cutely as she pushed open the door and jumped into Namjoon arms. “Baby I miss you” “I miss you more joonie” They said as they exchanged kisses. Jimin averted his eyes and stared at the ground; biting onto his tongue as he felt the urge to cry. Jimin couldn't let go of his feelings for Namjoon no matter how hard and how bad he want to he just couldn't. It was hard to let go because everywhere Jimin looked there he was… Imagine living with the person you're deeply in love with while you try to let go of your feeling for them but you see them everyday, every night when you wake up when you eat dinner and when you go to work when you're going to bed. No matter where you go that person is always there smiling at you, always making you laugh always telling you good morning and goodnight and always there to comfort you when you're having a bad day. It's impossible for Jimin to forget about his feeling so he tries so desperately to endure the pain in his aching heart as he watched the love of his life embrace someone else. “don't cry… stop it” Jimin whispered under his breath as a single tear manage to escape his watery eyes. Namjoon glance over at Jimin whose head hang lowly and shoulders slumped. He knew how much pain Jimin was going through, he knew how much Jimin tried to keep a smiling face in front of him. Most of all Namjoon knew how Jimin felt toward him. Namjoon told himself he wouldn't kiss, hug or do anything lovey dovey with hye-su in front of Jimin that way he wouldn't cause Jimin so much pain. Namjoon Slowly started to let go of hye-su as he slightly pushed away from her but still holding onto her by her tiny shoulder. “what's wrong baby?” hye-su asked worryingly as a tried to meet Namjoon eyes. “nothing baby... why you ask?...” Namjoon answered as he keep his eyes on Jimin. “you looked sadden and worried,” she added but Namjoon didn't replied back this time. “Joonie?” she called “Joonie?” once again but nothing “Namjoon” hye-su voice was serious as she shrugged off Namjoon hands. “Namjoon!” she shouted and stomp her foot. Namjoon snap out of his daze and look at hye-su who looked upset. “I'm sorry baby what did you say?” “forget it.” she slurred. “did I do something to upset you hye-su?” “what do you think namjoon” hye-su Sass as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. She look at the floor and wait for Namjoon responded or apology but when she look up there he was again staring at Jimin. This angered hye-su so much, she began to grow hatred towards Jimin. “Jimin!” hye-su shouted; there was angry that lingered in her tone. Jimin look over at the hye-su who express dislikement upon her face. “hey hye-su how are you?” Jimin greeted nervously. Hye-su rolled her eyes making him feel even worse, “don't you have friends?” hye-su blurted rudely. “e- excuse me?” Jimin was shocked. “hye-su! what the hell that rude” said Namjoon Hye-su ignore Namjoon comment as she added “you only hang over Namjoon even when he with me, don't you have other people you talk to?” Jimin gulped as he fidget his finger, while looking away. “Has it ever occur to you that maybe Namjoon and I wanted alone time?” “hye-su what are you doing “ Namjoon questions while quickly glancing at Jimin who look to be on the verge of tears “I mean, don't you ever feel like a third wheel? Doesn't it make you uncomfortable when we kiss and hold each other in front of you?” hye-su continued as she walked closer to Jimin. “Hye-su knock it off” Namjoon shouted with a upset tone of voice. “what? Cat got your tongue? Answer my questions jimin” she order as she shoved Jimin. Jimin flinched as he made sure to voided hye-su eyes. “Hye-su!” Namjoon Called “Namjoon is mine got that, he only has feeling for me do you understand! He will NEVER Love you jimin!” “Hye-su that enough I said!” said Namjoon as he tried to grab hye-su by her arm but hye-su yanked her arm away and slapped Jimin. “Look at me when I speak to you!” Jimin eyes widen as he cupped his cheek and looked over at hye-su then over at Namjoon who seem quite shocked himself. “you disgusting waste of a man” hye-su slurred as she looked down at Jimin. Those words shot right through Jimin like a bullet. Unable to hold in the tears they began to rush out rapidly and uncontrollably. Hye-su smirked at Jimin as she lean in close to his ear and whispered “he pity you, jimin you're so pathetic” Jimin cringed his teeth then shoved his way by hye-su as he rushed out the room. Hye-su laughed when suddenly she was yanked by her arm again by Namjoon. “Joonie what are you doing?” she question but Namjoon ignores her and continued walking pulling her along. “you're hurting me” she whine “Namjoon! LET ME GO!” “get out!” Namjoon shouted angrily as he toss hye-su bag outside the door and pushed her gently but roughly enough to not cause her to fall. “Are you kicking me out!” “you cross the line hye-su!” “Are you seriously upset with me because of that thing” hye-su argued “Jimin is someone important to me! I told you to stop but you continued!” “Are you fucking seriously Namjoon! I did us a favor!” “a favor!? What favor?!” said Namjoon his voice shaking with anger. “He need to understand that we need our time alone!” “So you go and be a total b-” Namjoon stop himself. He didn't want to disrespect hye-su. “Say it! SAY IT CALL ME A BITCH ALL FOR THAT, THAT! FREAK!” hye-su barked “He not a freak! and He means more to me than you ever will!” Namjoon blurts out. Hye-su slapped Namjoon across the face As tears stream down her cheeks “I should have now you had feeling for him” hye-su sob Namjoon didn't deny it as he look at the ground. Hye-su eyes widen as her lips quiver. “do you love him?” she struggled to asked “hye-su…” Namjoon reach over towards her. “don't touch me! And Answer me! Do you have feeling for Jimin!?” Namjoon again stayed silent causing hye-su to get even more upset “DO YOU LOVE HIM NAMJOON!!” “Yes! DAMMIT Yes I do!” he confessed Hye-su cover her mouth as she cried harder “I'm sorry…” Namjoon apologize. “you bastard! You fucking disgust me!” hye-su barked as she ran out the door. Namjoon gripped onto his t-shirt and let out a heavy sigh. Namjoon felt both relief and guilt all at the the same time. he was glad he finally confess his true feeling but he felt awful for making hye-su cry. But he couldn't help it he wasn't in love with hye-su anymore in fact he stop loving her after finding out his true feeling for Jimin. “aish…” he sighed “hyung?” Jimin voice startled Namjoon. “oh sh- you scared me” said Namjoon as he Placed his hand on the right side of his chest. “You okay?” Namjoon asked worryingly as he notice Jimin eyes were swollen from all the crying he did. “Hyung…” Jimin uttered “you heard everything didn't you?” “did you mean it?” “which part jimin?” “all of it, the way you feel about me... did you mean it?” asked Jimin as he walked over to Namjoon Namjoon avoid Jimin eyes as he look away from his side. “Jimin I-” But before he could speak “forget it, I knew you didn't. You just said all those things to make hye-su mad” “ Jimin I-” “I know, I know... you were just upset because of all the stupid mean thing hye-su was saying I get it” “Jimin L- “ “I GET IT YOU DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYMORE!” Jimin shouted But in that moment Namjoon place his hand behind Jimin neck and pulled him for kiss. Jimin eyes widen as tears slowly fell. “I meant every single word that I said” said Namjoon with a smirk Jimin smiled grow but the tears continued “YaH! Why are you said till crying?” asked Namjoon. “be-Because….” he hic “I Love you Kim Namjoon” Jimin cooed And with that Namjoon embrace Jimin in his arm as their lips met, it felt as it time had stop as if everything had went silent like there was no one else in the world but them two only. As if they were floating like they breathe was taken from their lungs. It was the most beautiful feeling one could ever feel.
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I love the internal conflict going on with Jimin that was really well done.
Thank you 😶😶 I'm so happy to hear that I worked hard on it
Omg yes yes yes
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@twistedPuppy yay, btw do you have like a regular posting schedule, or do you just post whenever?
I loved this!
You did! I'm proud!
Omg so cute I love it!!!!
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@ChandraTorres Lol for real thou!!!
I'm so glad this story got such good reaction.