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Wow... 400??? ;-; Its been a while, hasn't it...? Thank you; to everyone that's stuck around and waited for my posts! And don't worry, there's still a lot more to come!! ^^ Literally.. I have a lot. ;-; Anyways, I give myself a pat on the back. And I hope everyone is satisfied with how I've been arranging my cards! Check out my other collections, too! ↓↓↓ AnimeAddixtion - All of my cards Fairy Tail - Fairy Tail cards Attack On Titan - Attack On Titan Cards Tokyo Ghoul - Tokyo Ghoul Cards Quote Creations - All the quotes that were made by me Anime Couples - Cards related to anime couples Yaoi - Yaoi Cards (Boys Love) (Also, let me know if I should make a collection for Yuri!!! On Ice, as well!)
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Woooo!!!! 😃
Hehe, I see you in my notifications a lot. ^^ Thanks for sticking around!