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Hello everyone!!

It's time for another "Who's Your Bias?" card!! And this card is dedicated to Blackjacks!! I hope you all join in on today's voting ^0^

I know 2NE1 disbanded recently, but I felt like I had to make a ranking card for them since I didn't do make one for them before.

On this card, you'll each be telling me who your ultimate bias in 2NE1 is!!

Please be sure to check out my other Rankings if you're interested. And if you would like to be tagged in this series, please don't be afraid to ask!

The Rules

Please comment down below who is your favorite member (aka your ultimate bias) in 2NE1. Please only choose ONE member. I will only take comments that have ONE member mentioned. I know all of them are hot as hell, as well as extreme bias wreckers, but only comment ONCE and only ONE member, so that it's fair. This is just for fun, so no bashing on each others bias!! This is a safe place, so keep it that way!!!!
Thank you for helping out! Blackjacks forever and fighting!!!!
Down below are the full list of current members in the group (just in case you don't know your bias name or something like that) so please vote for the one that is your ultimate bias in 2NE1.


Lee Chaerin/Faith Lee

Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist


Park Bom

Main Vocalist


Park Sandara

Vocalist, Visual


Gong Minji

Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae

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The card all about my ideas is here:

Go check it out if you haven't already!

So who is YOUR bias in 2NE1?

Please comment your bias down below!! Please only comment ONE bias!!

The results will be posted on Tuesday. So please look forward to it ^-^

The Rankers Tag List

Please message me if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list.

The "Bruh" Peoplez

Darabbit Dara.
Bom ~~~
park bom. ever since the beginning♡
Park Bom!
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