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Summary: Minhee, following her twin brother, joined a gang called EXO, having proven her place among them she began being second in command To Minseok. After an incident that caused them to lose a member, she left to the states for training and also to be alone. It was until she met someone. A someone that she didn't know she couldn't like. Park Minhee aka Bommy, is a skilled marksman, and loves hand to hand combat especially when it involves knives. Shes the twin sister of Chanyeol, has a real bad temper and a bad mouth that gets her into trouble. Minseoks right hand. EXO - A gang led by Kim Minseok and Zhang Yixing, two separate gangs that was brought together after Yixing lost three of his men. Rest of the members are Junmyeon- Strategist Baekhyun- Arsenal/Electrical Chanyeol- Arsonist/ Pyro Maniac - Minhee's twin brother. Kyungsoo- Knives Specialist Jongin- Assassin/Sniper Jongdae- Hacker/ Technology specialist Sehun- Impersonator/Forger BTS - Otherwise known as Bangtan Boys, theyre the rival gang to EXO. They're led by Jung Hoseok, though they have small number in members, they can still fight. His members are Seokjin- Arsenal/Bombs specialist Jimin- Marksman, favorite is his Desert Eagle Taehyung- Assassin/Sniper Namjoon- Strategist/Planner Yoongi- Forger/Automobile specialist Jungkook- Knives/ Hand to Hand specialist
----------------------------- "What the hell happened?" I said to myself, looking at all the overturned chairs, broken glass and plates everywhere. What caught my attention was the shining object on the table I went to get and realized it was -- 's watch. I ran to our main office and played back the security camera to the meeting room. I watched carefully making sure I didnt miss it, then it happened, "wheres Baek going?" I said frowning watching as he left the room. Not two minutes later they all came charging in and beating the guys down and taking them away. I threw the watch, "He betrayed us!" I yelled, and got upset. "Not exactly" I turned around at the voice that startled me. "Baek! What did you do?" I said charging at him and slammed against the wall. "I did it for and for them, they wouldve killed us all if I didnt agree." He said trying to pry my hand off him. "Agree to what?" I said letting him go. "In time, but we need to go and save them, even if it means killing --." He said. I looked at him "How?" I said confused. "In time... Bommy we need to go now." He said pulling me to our arms room. ----
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