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Calling All Yuri!!! On Ice Fans!❀

I have found a Game for you!

( I am sorry to the boys that like this anime as well but Hey if you love it do it too who cares!)

Screenshot your results and Make a Card and Please Tag Me Id love to know who you got!❀

my coach is apparently also my rival
coach & lover- guang hong 1st kiss- michele crispino rival & best friend- phichit ex- yuri πŸ˜‚
Yurio is my coach, my lover, and my ex lol Yuri is my first kiss while Seung-gil is my rival and Phichit is my best friend.
@shadoheart Lol still some awesome results xD thanks for playing!
Victor is my coach yay! Yurio is my lover! Oh my! And otabek is my ex lol. Sorry but I don't recognize the other 3 but my best friend is also my rival lol
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