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Hello!!! I know its a few days after christmas so this part is a little late for it, but better late then not doing it :) so hope you like!!!
Yoongi's view*** It had been several days since I had seen Keri, the last couple days had been busy with sending messages to fans and having a Christmas party with the company on Christmas eve. I had messaged Keri telling her I had to stay at work longer and would see her tomorrow. Christmas day came and I found myself being followed by 6 people as I went to Keri's house. "You know I'm going to see my girlfriend for christmas right?" I questioned turning back to them in the van. They had all gotten in after me. "We know" Tae nodded. "I like Keri" Kooki said. "I don't want to be lonely for Christmas" Hobi exclaimed the loudest. "So your following me?" I questioned. The rest of the members just nodded "This was not what I had planned for today" I grumbled a little bit upset. "We won't stay the whole day" Tae said, "just maybe an hour or two" he added. "Maybe 4" Hobi added making Namjoon chuckle. Keei answered the door suprised to us all standing in her doorway. She scanned the group then smiled. "Well I'm glad I got the big stack of ribs. " she said. "Merry Christmas!" The guys cheered as the started walking in. Tae and Kooki gave her a hug and the rest walked by her. I was the last one in. I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug squeezing her tightly against me. "I'm sorry, they just followed me here",I whispered to her. "Its okay, they are your family aren't they?" She questioned pulling away from me. "Uh yes I guess" I shrugged. "Of course we're family" Namjoon called out. "So then its good. Your spending time with family and your girlfriend!" Jin said. "Your a good boy like that" he added. Keri giggled even as I scowled. "Well I tried doing a traditional meal but I kind of screwed up" keri said with a little smile at me. "That's okay baby. As long as its not burnt I'll eat it" I said but she shook her head. "Its not burnt, its um just a lot of different foods put together" she said sheepishly. "Your table is covered with food!" Jimin called our from the kitchen. Curious I went to take a look, keri followed behind. There was the makings for bibimbap, a lot of bowls with different things carrot, eggs, chicken, beef,  pork belly, hot pepper paste, sesame oil and sesame seeds, shiitake mushrooms, soybean sprouts, and soy sauce. In the middle of the kitchen counter was a big bowl of Rice and ribs were sitting in foil on the stove. "I just pulled out the ribs" keri said as I looked around. There was so many bowls. "I also made kimbap, it's in the fridge still" keri added. She had outdone herself with this display of food, the guys were trying not to start picking at it. "Um do you guys want to go sit in the other room and watch TV while I finish setting the table up?" Keri asked. The guys nodded and headed into the other room. I stayed behind. "I'll help you " I told her. "That's sweet. I was trying to go for a do it yourself rice bowl thing, I wasn't sure what you liked, but kind of glad I did that now" she said. I helped her put the food on the table, putting rice in bowls and pulling chairs in from other rooms. When the table was set and ready I called the guys in. "This looks yummy!" Jin said being the first one to enter. Everyone took a seat and Keri was the last one to take a seat. After saying a few words everyone started to fill their bowls with vegetables and meat. When everyone got their food we all started talking. Sharing past holidays we've all had with our families and such. After the meal I took Keri aside so I could give keri her present. She grabbed a package and pulled me into her office. "I did get you something. I feel bad I didn't get anything for them well except candy bags" she chuckled. She got me something? I was curious since it was rectangular shape, was she giving me a book. Or something different. "Its not a book" she said as if reading my mind. "How'd you knoe? I was thinking that?" I chuckled as I handed her my gift to her. She handed me my gift. "Open yours first" she said. I chuckled and did so. Keri's gift  to me was a small 4x4 painting of a snowflake and hidden in the image was 1. "For first christmas together. " Keri said. "Its really nice" I said astounded. It looked like it Was painted by someone. "I had it specially made for you" she said. "I like it" I said "open yours" I insisted. She tore open the paper and opened the box up to find a heart necklace inside. It was simple and elegant, like her. "Really? Its so pretty" she exclaimed. "Do you like it?" I asked worried. "Of course I do" she giggled. Leaning in she pressed a kiss to my cheek and pulled away. "Will you put it on me?" She asked. "Sure" I said. Setting the picture down I watched as she moved her hair to the side and I took the necklace on her. After putting it on I pressed my lips to her neck in a gentle kiss. "Merry Christmas Keri" I whispered. "Merry Christmas Yoongi" she giggled.
pretty necklace isn't it :) and I just couldn't decide on which snowflake I liked so I put up both. lol. I love the gifts they got each other and omo of course they rest of the guys just invite themselves over here so funny. sorry I didn't focus top much on them
Aww I love the necklace it's so pretty!!!
I actually own a heart necklace like that but in blue. Yoongi is so sweet. According to the kdrama I'm watching, guys give girls necklaces just so they can.put the necklaces on 'em and hold them.
its a pretty necklace 😊 and omo I can see that being big in dramas. definitely a way to get closer 💙