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Before I get started on this card I would like to congratulate everyone who got for 2017 VINGLE MODERATOR even if you didn't get picked I hope for next time You will get picked
See the Results here
But take a look who got Pokemon, Yup thats right guys I made it!! again congrats guys!!
Now heres what you guys have been waiting for.
I know I haven't really been able to post a lot of who's that Pokemon cards and hardly ever make Guess that Anime Character...I'm sad to say I won't be continuing on with them...Thats only because I don't have time to make to make the cards how I do...
But just for you guys I will try as much as I can to make the Who's that Pokemon cards but thats only when I have the time to actually make them...So this Friday will be my last Who's that Pokemon card for a while

But here is some good news!

Starting next year on 1.1.17 I will start a New Collection for those who are new to Pokemon or those who already love Pokemon and want to know more
Some facts maybe wrong (heads up) but even if they're, lets have fun with this :)
If you're wondering How I made these images... I used Photoshop that I have downloaded for my Graphic Design Program I am going for (I get a student discount) and the font is on my computer and the color is the Vingle logo color
Since I am changing things up, Please let me Know in the Comments if you would Like to be added for my new Collection. My original tags won't change for my Main Pokemon Collection but for the new upcoming collection will change
Oh my goodness...A few select made it on to that screenshot and by George I WAS ONE OF 'EM! joking lol but A Huge congratulations is in order to you and all who won Vingle CLEARLY chose the best for the job with picking you :) and I can't wait to see what you hold in store for the future :)
Tag me please and Congrats!!!