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Hello everyone im Violet and im going to be the new BTS mod for this quarter! ♡ Please bare with me cause this is my first time being a mod ! Lets make this quarter a great one!!


BTS mean the world to me, their music helped me through one of the worst times in my life, and as i watched their journey i began to fall im love with them more and more ! ♡ These boys are as precious to me as air. ♡ Im looking forward to making the BTS community the best it can be! ♡♡
As future mod i have already recruted 4 members leaving open 3 open positions, the members have not been officially decided except for Jimin and Rap Monster.


*Patience (Because i am new to this i need people who can really help me adjust and keep me grounded) *Creativity (People who can bring new ideas to the table and help expand and make this community a great one!) *Teamwork skills (You must be able to get along and work with the entire team) *Must Have a Kakao account (To keep in touch with the team! ) *Love and respect for all BTS members (because they ALL matter!)

How to apply:

It's as simple as messaging me! Make sure to include your BTS Bias and 3 reasons why you love BTS ! :) Simple right ?! *You must have the 5 requirements!* ♡♡
Im looking forward to seeing your applications and i will make my decision Friday the 30th !! ♡♡

Good Luck Everyone!! ♡♡♡

aww, I don't have a kakao account ;-;
It's easy to make one hun 😊😊
I'm Jimin is my UB and then Namjoon is next! I know them like the back of my hand!
I would love to help!
Congrats! I would love to apply to help but I don't have the time to :(
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Also my laptop died on me haha I'm saving up to get another one soon!
Thank you ! :)
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