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Hello to all Pokemon Vinglers..Tonight I kinda want to talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime real quick if thats all right? It is? OK!!
So I wanted to check on when the anime of Pokemon Sun and Moon would come out, apparently I am so slow it it came out 11/17/16 (well upload date on
But what I want to talk about right now is the animation....
Art Style. Love it, Colors, Love it! the design looks so nice but theres one issue I have
I have an issue with how ash is drawn... The girl by him looks like a normal anime character, but I feel Ash was pulled out os Steven Universe...also the z marks (or scars) Looks like a long thread of a mustache
Personally me...I still prefer the old style anime up until last season....don't get me wrong I like the change and everything but coming from a girl that was born in 1996 and somewhat grew up on this I still prefer my old style animation
God dang it I feel old I'M ONLY 20!!!
What do you guys feel about the new Sun and Moon, What do you like about Sun and Moon? I'd Like to know :)
Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you and have a Good Day! :)
for me its crap i stop watching pokemons years ago cause everytime they aired a new episode i was at school and hated ash sooooo much causd i never saw some romance shit only witj serena(i guess you can call that romance🤔)then its ash puberty that kid will never grow just like peter pan....and the other thing hes pikachu omg it is weak af ive seen that little shit battle legendaries and looses to a fucking snivy lvl 5 in his first battle(i will never forget that moment for the rest of my life)and finally hes gym battles little shit has tl loose just once or twice just to win it.....ok im dond
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what i hate the most is pokemon origins and generations wore short but wayyyyyy better that seen that little shit loose everytime and his pokemon not evolving i want actionnnnnn and cool looking pokemom and a anime with the main characters of the it that much im asking?cause i think is not😂
they should of left ash alone this is going to kill it for alot of fans
😨😨😨 omg they ruined it why the hell would they change his look!!! it's hurts...right in the childhood 😫😫😫
Yea, the old animation was the best. INDIGO LEAUGE!
eeee gads 😨😨 who the hell was that? I get that they keep Ash to look young in all the generations just to appeal to the kids watching it, but who ever this doppleganger is couldn't even pass as Ash on a good day 😂😂
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