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Okay here is the first chapter. I hope you all like it.

So Enjoy

Summary <----> chapter 2
I got off the 12 hour flight from L.A. Back home in Seoul. It was great, I haven't been back here for almost a year. The boss never told me who was going to get me so it was no surprise to see no one at the baggage claim, so I just went to get my bag. Before I got to pull my phone out I hear two guys giggling, turning around I seen them. "Look what we have here hyung, a lost pup." I smirked at them, "look at it here, two stray mutts off their leash again." I retaliated back. They looked at me and smiled. "Better watch it Minhee, that mouth of your can get you in trouble." The shorter one said. "Yeah Bommy!" The slightly younger but taller of the two said. I just smiled. "Are taking me home or not Dae?" I asked He gave me his cheesy grin and walked up and hugged me. "Im glad your home, maybe Yeolie will stop moping around." He said I smiled and looked at the other one "Come here and give me a hug Sehunnie" I laughed. "Noona, you said you werent going to call me that anymore." He said I shrugged and laughed. "Lets go home okay." I said smiling. They grabbed my luggage and we went out to the parking garage, and left the airport. I looked out my window so see the lights of Seoul, "Home sweet home?" I looked at Jongdae as he was driving. He smiled "Im glad your back home." He said holding his hand out. I grabbed it and smiled. "Me too Dae, me too." I said. We got to the house, I looked and seen nine cars lined up perfectly outside. When we stopped I walked up to the teal colored GTR and laid on it. "Why are you doing noona?" I looked over at Sehun and laughed. "I missed my car!" I said making Jongdae laugh. "Come on, everyone is expecting you." He said walking off with my bag. I nodded and followed after. We went through the big doubled doors, and walked into the foyer, I was about to speak when we heard a commotion coming from the dinner room. So we walked towards the noise. "Thats bullshit Minseok!" "How can we let something that small go to Bangtan?" "We can fix it tomorrow okay! Yoel and Myeon are going to handle it." I came in and scoffed, the all looked towards the door. "Ive been gone for almost a year, you all are still fighting like little kids." I said to the three men in the room. "Noona!" Kyungsoo said getting up and walking towards me to hug me. I smiled hugging him. "I see Dae and Sehunnie retrieved you." Minseok said walking up to me as well. "Ugh! I said I dont want to be called that anymore!!" Sehun whined, I smiled and messed up his hair. "Yes, thanks for the heads up on who was picking me up." I said again after hugging Minseok. "No hello Baekhyun?" I said looking at him, he just looked away and left the room. It hurt for him to do that. "Dont mind Him, he hasnt gotten over… you know." Kyungsoo said, I nodded, "it hurts me too, I was there too." I said again, I sighed, "He didnt have to pull trigger." I said again. Minseok put his hand on my shoulder, "Tao wouldve done the same if any of us were captured." He said I nodded. After that, Minseok told us that dinner will be served, my brother, Myeon, Jongin and Yixing would be back. I walked around the house, going into the main room where we planned our missions, also I noticed above the fireplace was three portraits, with three guns encased under them. I stood there looking at them, and remembered our three fallen members, with Tao being the recent one. If I didnt pull that trigger two more wouldve been up there, Baekhyun and myself. I sighed as I felt a tear fall down. I laughed a little wiping it away. "Hey Bommy." I turned around to see Myeon standing there I smiled and walked up to him and hugged him. "Junmyeon" I said I felt him kiss the top of my head as I pulled away, "its good to see you." He said smiling. I nodded. "I better go find my brother, I heard hes been missing me. I said Junmyeon smiled and nodded. After leaving and walking into the kitchen I seen the tall giant getting food from the fridge I noticed that he dyed his hair red I smiled. "Yah, if you keep dying your hair its going to fall out." I said leaning against the door frame. He stopped and turned around and smiled. "Minnie!"he exclaimed and basically jumped over the counter. "Oh I missed you so much munchkin." I frowned and hit him. "Yah! Just cause Im short dont say things like that, remember Im still older than you!" I yelled, he laughed "Yea by 5 minutes."!He said smiling and walking back to what he was doing. I smiled "So Yeolie anything new?" I asked sitting at the bar. "No, just the same, Baek has been you know. Omma and Appa been asking where you're at." He said I nodded. You should call them. He said again. I sighed "I will… soon." I said, "well Im gunna get some sleep Im jet lagged really bad." I said he nodded. "Night Noona, see you tomorrow." He said. I walked up the stairs and past by two rooms. One room Luhan and Kris shared, the other one Tao had with Junmyeon. I let my thoughts get the best of me. I walked into my room and laid down on my bed. I guess nothing really did change, i thought back to my trip and how long Ive been gone. One thing for sure though, I dont how to break the news to them that I met someone in L.A. Especially to Minseok.
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