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For this coming first quarter of 2017, I present the B.A.P team!
Himchan- @Starbell808
Daehyun- me
Youngjae- @ChaErica
Alright now for everyone's least favorite part. I just wanted to say some "rules" if you can call them that.
-This is my first time being a mod, so if I do something wrong, then go easy on me and let me know.
-Be nice to others (obviously). I'm not fond of fighting and bullying. I've only been on Vingle for about a year and a half and I've seen way too many fights happen.
-No irrelevant cards is an obvious one.
-As for smut, I would prefer that you keep it in the fan fiction community, but please place a warning in the title to protect the babies on here. The same goes for things like suicide, please put a warning.
-Feel free to contact me with any concerns, I don't bite.
-And above all else, the most important cliche rule, enjoy yourselves!
I hope this quarter will be a good one!
If you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let us know below!
Baby taglist:
I'd love to be tagged please! Thank you~
You're already added haha
o.o xD So many groups it's sometimes hard to keep up with
Understandable hahahahahaha